Christina Akintoye


Loughborough had a great vibe when I came to visit. I loved the campus and met some of the lecturers prior to starting (they were all very friendly and welcoming and still are).

The main reason I chose Loughborough was for the study for year abroad opportunity and the opportunity to learn a language as a part of my degree (starting at beginner, intermediate or advanced level).

Politics is such an exciting course. All the modules offer something new and different. Along with this I love the fact that I get to study French. Language classes are smaller and more concentrated and allow you to improve on your skills in small groups. Everyone in your class is at the same level as you are so there is no need to worry!

I particularly enjoyed my language classes as it provides me with something different other than my degree.

Christina Akintoye

The lecturers in my department are extremely supportive and helpful.

They give you all the information you need in order for you to improve your grades. The POLIS lecturers genuinely care about your degree and want you to do well. They are also efficient when replying to emails which is great! The language tutors are extremely helpful; if you need any extra help, they are willing and able to help you out and practice speaking skills with you! There are a range of facilities to study. Whether silently or in groups, you are bound to find a place within a five-minute walking distance of each other.

Christina graduated from Loughbrough University in 2017.

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