Hall FAQs

If you have specific questions regarding the accommodation which is available at Loughborough University then you might find the following FAQs extremely useful.

How do I apply for your halls of residence?

Please see our Undergraduate how to apply page or our Postgraduate how to apply page for all the details on the application process.

What is the likelihood of securing my preferred accommodation?

At Loughborough we like to consider Halls as Communities. This requires a balance of gender, course and year in each Hall. Our computer allocation system is therefore set up to prevent too many students who share the same course or gender from being allocated to the same Hall.

Room Reservation (recommended option for Firm choice Undergraduates)

Before you apply - we suggest that you research our Halls of Residence and have a list ready of your preferred room options before you go online to reserve your room. Some room types are limited – please look at ALL options. If your first choice room is not available you can see what other rooms are available to reserve rather than us choose for you. 

Room Preference

If Loughborough is not your Firm choice or you miss the room reservation deadline, you can set preferences for accommodation. Your offer will depend on several factors – availability, your preferences options and date of application.

Can I choose a quiet room?

A number of flats in some halls have been designated as ‘quiet flats’. An increasing number of students each year request these and anyone living in a quiet flat would be required to cooperate. Noise must be restricted between 23:00 – 08:00. Please note that there may still be some environmental noise from surrounding flats or external areas.

When applying for accommodation, designated rooms will be identified as ‘quiet’ after their room type description.

Please be assured that the quiet flats will still be part of the hall community, residents will still be very much involved in every aspect of hall life.

Where do I find more information about my accommodation?

Further information on all of our halls can be found online. Details of when to arrive and what to bring, will be emailed to your prior to your arrival.

What if I apply to Loughborough as an Insurance student or through Clearing?

We do our best to help students who apply as an Insurance student or through Clearing to find accommodation. Where possible we will offer places in halls subject to availability. Please refer to our how to apply page for more information.

Once you have accepted an unconditional offer as Insurance or through Clearing, you will be able to apply for University accommodation from the date specified on our announcements page.

As a mature student – what are my accommodation options?

If you are a mature student (aged over 21) you can apply to live in halls of residence but you are not automatically allocated a room in a flat with returning students (which may be quieter). Students who would like to be located in an area with fewer first year students are advised to contact us when applying in order to discuss the options available. Alternatively, once you have had your room allocated, it is recommended that you contact us in early September to make any specific requests.

You are also welcome to contact the Hall Warden prior to arrival to introduce yourself. Contact details can be found on our hall pages.

Some mature undergraduates request to be allocated a room in a postgraduate hall, this may be possible however, all postgraduate accommodation is let on a 50 week contract.

It is worth considering opting for a catered hall as this gives you the chance to meet more people in your hall (beyond your block), including the Hall Warden team.

In order for the University to offer the most suitable accommodation, mature students aged over 30 will be invited to apply for accommodation using the room preference option. For more information please see our how to apply page.

Will I be allowed to go back into hall in my second year?

Approximately 30% of our rooms in halls are allocated to returning students. You will be given the opportunity to re-apply to return in December. 

If you are an International student you will be guaranteed accommodation in your hall for at least two years of your stay at Loughborough providing you submit your application to return prior to the January deadline. 

Second year students often prefer to find a house in town with their friends. If this is your preference please contact us. All our properties have been inspected and approved by the University offering peace of mind.

If you are returning to Loughborough as a Postgraduate student, you can apply for a room in a postgraduate hall from April.

For off campus accommodation, please check studentpad for available properties. 

Can I bring my car?

Due to restricted parking spaces on campus, parking permits are not granted to first year students, or students who live close to the University. These restrictions do not apply to students with disabilities. Application forms for a parking permit are obtained from the Security Office +44(0)1509 223751

There is a planning control in force for students living in John Phillips, Hazlerigg Rutland, Robert Bakewell, Elvyn Richards and William Morris. Please refer to clause 21.13 of the Halls of Residence Licence Terms and Conditions for further information.

For general information about traffic and parking on campus, please visit our security pages.


Can I use my room during the vacations?

Self-catered halls:

  • You can stay in the room for the whole period of your contract including the Christmas and Easter vacations.
  • Postgraduate students are on a 50 week let and may stay in their room from September to September.

Catered halls:

  • Christmas vacation - rooms are available throughout the Vacation Period. There will be reduced catering provision during the vacation.
  • Easter Vacation - rooms are available throughout the Vacation Period (there will be reduced catering provision) with the exception of David Collett (D & E block, standard rooms only). Students in standard rooms in David Collett Hall are on a 35 week contract and must vacate and clear their rooms for the 4 week Easter vacation (no storage available in rooms).

What catering is available during Christmas and Easter vacations?

There is a reduced catering provision during both the Christmas and Easter Vacation periods. This is reflected in the accommodation fee.

There is no meal service during the University closure period at Christmas and Easter.

Please note: Elvyn Richards students are on a 31 week catering package - meals are provided during Term time only.

What if I want to stay in Loughborough during vacations?

Summer Vacation: All accommodation will need to be vacated at the end of the Licence term. Vacation accommodation will be available for students wishing to stay. Please contact the Student Accommodation Centre for further information.

Vacation accommodation will be limited during the last two weeks of September. Please contact us or refer to our website for details of our University Lodge.

Are the halls single sex or mixed?

Most halls of residence have mixed flats, but there are some halls which have flats specifically designated for males and females.

Can I have guests to stay in my room?

You are unable to have guests stay in your room without prior consent from the University.  Permission will not be granted for frequent requests.

How long can I occupy my room?

The length of contract does vary between halls. The let length for each hall can be found on the Hall Fees document and the Halls of residence web pages.

Undergradute Students:

  • 35 week let: available during term time, to vacate and clear at Easter (see hall fees).
  • 39 week let: available during term time and both Christmas & Easter vacations.
  • 41 week let: as per 39 week let, with extra weeks at the end of Summer term.

Postgraduate Students:

  • 50 week let: covering all vacations.

All of our let lengths incorporate at least one extra week at the end of the academic year for students to relax and enjoy time with their friends without the pressure of work and exams.

If I am in a catered hall, how can I prepare a light snack?

In catered halls offering 19 meals a week, communal kitchens have a kettle, toaster and a microwave.
In catered halls offering 15 meals a week, communal kitchens have a kettle, toaster, microwave and induction hob.
In catered halls offering 10 meals a week, communal kitchens include full cooking facilities (Elvyn Richards).
In catered halls offering 10 meals a week, communal kitchens have a kettle, toaster, microwave and induction hob (David Collett).

What is provided in my room?

All hall bedrooms have the same standard furnishings. You will have a bed, study desk, chair, wardrobe, drawers, shelving, desk lamp and curtains. These furnishings may not be removed at anytime from your room.

Suggest items to bring:

  • Pillowcases, sheets and duvet with covers.
  • Towels and tea towels.
  • Iron and coat hangers (irons provided in Elvyn Richards, Hazlerigg Rutland, John Philips and Robert Bakewell).
  • Crockery and cutlery
  • Start up groceries.
  • Cooking utensils and saucepans (self catered halls).

Starter Packs can be purchased in advance and will be available on your arrival.

Will I need to arrange insurance for my belongings in my room?

University owned halls (plus Forest Court)

We have provided Possessions Insurance for the duration of your stay within University accommodation through Endsleigh Insurance. This covers a range of belongings within your room, including sports and electrical equipment, bicycles (theft and damage from designated cycle storage - on campus only), clothes and frozen food.

The student room insurance provides cover for some of the items in your room for theft, fire and flood risk. To check what is covered, just view Details of Insurance cover - University

Unite owned halls (Harry French, The Holt, William Morris)

Unite have provided Possessions Insurance for the duration of your stay in Harry French, The Holt amd William Morris accommodation through Endsleigh Insurance. This covers a range of belongings within your room, including sports and electrical equipment, clothes and frozen food.

The student room insurance provides cover for some of the items in your room for theft, fire and flood risk. To check what is covered, just view Details of Insurance cover - Unite


Security Matters - Find out how to keep yourself and your possessions safe.

Will my room be safe and secure?

The University has a Security department which operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Security staff regularly patrol the campus and surrounding halls.

Our Halls of residence have secure windows and doors and access to buildings is by key/keypad or swipe card access but it is your responsibility to keep your room secure.

Never put yourself in danger, if you feel someone's behaviour is suspicious contact Security on 01509 222141 or freephone Campus Watch on 0800 526 966.

Can the University cater for dietary requirements?

The majority of dietary requirements or allergies can be catered for by our halls catering team.

Please discuss with your Chef and Front of House Manager when you arrive, but if you have any queries or concerns you can talk to our catering team in confidence.

What adapted accommodation is provided for students with a disability?

The University is committed to ensuring that students with a disability, including those with long term physical and mental health conditions, receive the support they need to succeed. This covers all areas of University life, including accommodation.


There are a range of adapted rooms across campus to meet disabled students’ needs, including catered and self-catered accommodation and en-suite rooms.  If you have a specific room requirement, please see the FAQ - Can I secure a certain type of room because of my medical or mental health condition?

Can I secure a certain type of room because of my medical or mental health condition?

If you have disability related accommodation requirements (e.g. a medicine fridge, en-suite room, memory foam mattress) then you need to complete the Disability and Health Portal to provide us with information and upload the required evidence.  We will then be able to consider your room requirements, and your preferences, when looking at room allocation with you.

Firm choice applicants

There are 2 options for securing your room (we will email you with further details following your disability assessment):

Option 1
If you have a specific room requirement, you can book your room in advance by the third week of June. This will mean you will not need to wait and book your room online from mid-August (when A level results are published) with all other new students.

To do this, you must register for accommodation and complete the Disability and Health Portal by the third week of June. All portal entries will be reviewed by the Disability/Mental Health Support Teams and your room requirements (as we understand them to be), will be confirmed via email by the end of the first week of July. The accommodation team will contact you before mid-July to discuss which room we believe meets your disability related requirements, and your personal preferences. You will be able to accept a contract for this room which will be confirmed mid-August following your exam results.

We recommend that you consider this opportunity to book your room early to make the A level results week less stressful for you.

Option 2
If you choose not to book your room early (under option 1) but have registered for accommodation and completed the Disability and Health Portal by the third week of July, the accommodation team we will note your requirements. In mid-August, you will need to go online in your allocated time slot to book a room along with all other new students. 

At this time, if you are not able to book a room which meets your requirements, you should contact the Student Accommodation Centre to discuss options to meet your needs. 

If you complete the portal after the third week of July (and have registered for accommodation) you can still apply for accommodation from mid-August following receipt of your exam results. We will work with you to find a room that meets your assessed needs should you need our support.

Insurance choice applicants

Please complete the Disability and Health Portal as soon as possible (do not wait until your place at Loughborough is confirmed). This allows us to assess your needs to enable our accommodation team to consider your disability related room requirements should you come to Loughborough. If you complete the portal before mid-August, and apply for accommodation on time, we will aim to provide you a room which meets your requirements. Your accommodation will be offered in early September.

Clearing / adjustment applicants

Please complete the Disability and Health Portal as soon as possible, along with applying for your accommodation. This allows us to consider any accommodation requirements for you as early as we can.

Please note: On your accommodation application date, if you are not able to reserve a room which suits your needs (and have not previously completed the Disability and Health Portal), you must complete the portal within 48 hours after the application date for your course.  Although we are unable to guarantee to meet your needs, we will aim to prioritise your room offer depending on availability.

I have a professional carer – how does accommodation support this?

If you are arranging your own carers, or if your carer is provided through the University CDS service, then you will need to contact the disability office to discuss this with an Advisor as soon as possible. 

Can have a fridge in my room to store my medication?

You should provide medical evidence of your health condition and submit it in the Disability and Health Portal. A mini fridge issued to students is for use in your campus room only. Students are not permitted to bring their own fridge into halls.

I have a medical need for specific equipment - can this be provided?

You should provide medical evidence of your health condition and submit it in the Disability and Health Portal.

Can you meet my cultural, religious or dietary requirements?

The University operates a policy of non-discrimination. Whilst we do our best to meet your accommodation preferences, students with particular cultural or religious requirements should take note that our policy of non-discrimination and equal opportunities leads to a mixed environment within our halls.

Whilst some areas are specifically designated male or female, socialisation is common, and some students' diets include meat and alcohol.

The University provides a prayer room to meet religious diversity. There are also a number of religious venues outside the campus. Please contact the University Chaplaincy for further information.

You should let the University know of any dietary requirements and, where practicable, provision will be made or alternative arrangements sought.

In catered halls we are able to offer Halal meats as part of our food service, however we are not able to offer a Kosher food service in our dining halls.