Inside STEMLab

STEM Ideas Factory

The STEMLab Ideas Factory provides a multi-functional and flexible space within the building. It has a capacity of ~100 people and is ideally suited to events taking place in the building, for example, exhibitions of student work and poster presentations arising from projects, competitions which result from student science and engineering activities within the curriculum, together with providing a base for outreach activities. The STEMLab Ideas Factory plays an essential role in our work to engage and encourage more school age children into STEM subjects. The space supports our evolving academic provision, including preparing our students for the workplace through engaging in group projects and working in teams, both within Loughborough and also with strategic partners around the world.

The furniture in the STEMLab Ideas Factory has been designed to lend itself to a variety of uses. There are IT touch down points around the perimeter of the room, together with tables for collaborative working such that it serves as a space for formal and informal group work and student learning. There is provision for a number of chairs allowing the space to be used for presentations. A large storage cupboard has been built into the end of the room, which is able to store the chairs when not in use. There is also a zone in the room which could be used for refreshments associated with particular events.

The STEMLab Ideas Factory is set within a 221/m2 space, with a max capacity of 100 people.