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Renewables: Energy Storage (On Campus)

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The supply of renewable energy and the demand from consumers are continually changing from hour to hour. As a result, energy production can sometimes exceed the total amount of energy required by the grid, while at other times there is a shortfall. To maximise the benefit of renewable energy to the economy and minimise cost it is essential to be able to store the excess of electricity for later use.

This course covers some of the major energy storage technologies such as thermal, chemical and hydrogen and looks at how different renewable energy storage systems working together will impact on the national grid.

The course is composed of 3 units:- 

  • Thermal and Mechanical energy:  Covers the major forms of storage such as flywheels, compressed air, heat pumps, vacuum solar thermal collector, thermochemical storage and phase change materials for application at different temperatures.

  • Electrochemical:  Introduces students to the fundamental aspects of electrochemistry in order to differentiate between various types of batteries and to understand the working principles of flow redox batteries and supercapacitors.

  • Hydrogen: Describes the advantages and limitations of hydrogen, its roles in today’s economy and in the future. The unit goes on to describe the technologies for the production, storage and use of hydrogen. Finally the safety considerations are outlined.

Assessment: by coursework (25%) and exam (75%)

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One Week
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Dr Dani Strickland
The Wolfson School of Mechanical, Electrical and Manufacturing
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This course is for graduates in engineering or other technical disciplines.
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If you do not have a degree but have relevant experience please e-mail prior to registering with details of your work experience. An assessment will be made on your suitability for the course.


Assessment is by coursework (25%)and exam (75%).
10 credits


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Non alumni - £895, Alumni - £716 and Multiple Bookings £785
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