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Sport - Why It Matters Cards

Some of our graduates and researchers have used this opportunity to tell us about their time at university and about how their degree has supported their career to date. These graduates and researchers have been very honest about their experiences in the hope that their stories will help new students to make the most of the choices they have.

Please note: Degrees and their titles change over time. Some of these graduates may have studied degrees that have evolved and changed in response to changes in demand from employers.

Sport Graduates

Hearing from graduates can help you to understand more about studying a subject at degree level and where it might lead. 

Sport Management Graduate: Becky's card

Sport and Exercise Science Graduate: Callum's card

Sport and Exercise Science Graduate: Antonia's card

Sport Management Graduate: George's card

Sport and Exercise Science Graduate: James' card

Sport Science with Management Graduate: Tilly's card

Sport Management Graduate: Sarah's card

Sport Management Graduate: Luke's card



Sport Researchers

Many of Loughborough's academics also carry out research; from Professors to research students their discoveries can change our world.

Research Associate: Sven's card

Research Student: Laura's card

Research Student: Sam's card

Senior Research Associate:Barry's card

Senior Research Associate:Kajal's card

Sport Research

Understanding more about the research in a field you are interested in can help you explore that subject to see if it is what you are looking to study. Exploring the research can help you build your own interest and inspire you to learn more, perhaps providing you with evidence for your own Personal Statement.

Check out some of Loughborough's research stories below or carry out your own search online. 

Studying at Loughborough

Find out more about studying Sport subjects.