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Welcome to HE at Home, a programme of interactive activities delivered from the comfort of your own home. These sessions are designed to inspire and inform your children about different subject areas available at Higher Education (HE) level, some of the careers they could progress into, as well as the key skills your children will need to thrive as a student.

The sessions have been designed so that anyone can deliver them (no teachers required!) and using equipment you will have at home. Requirements vary from resource to resource, but the main items you will need are:

- An electronic device with the ability to read Microsoft PowerPoint, Word and PDF documents

- Pen and paper

Simply select the Subject, Skill or Success themed resource you would like to book from the sections below, and you will be taken to a separate webpage with more information on the resources as well as the online booking form to confirm your selection.

Once you have completed the online booking form, you will receive a WeTransfer email from the Loughborough Schools and College Liaison Team to the address you have provided on the online booking form, allowing you to download all of the session resources.

As many files as possible are sent as PDF documents to keep files sizes to a minimum and to help students or parents who may have limits to their internet data. For those individuals that are not able to access online resources, we offer to post a selection of the resources to any given address, please email for more information

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