Meet our student ambassadors

Find out more about some of our student ambassadors that will be answering your questions!


Chemical Engineering (Part C)

The community at Loughborough is a huge family with many opportunities available. I have been part of a variety of societies, including the Christian Union and Salsa. I also had the opportunity to spend a semester in Finland and another year in industry. Loughborough has supported me throughout my degree, enabling me to excel and build a unique range of experiences, which I can treasure.


Physics and Mathematics (Part B)

I first came to Loughborough in 2017 and I honestly have not looked back since. The support I have received not only academically, but also for my mental health and personal development, has been world class.

I have done so much I never thought I would be able to do, from mental challenges like public speaking and running for elections, to physical ones like climbing Mount Kilimanjaro for charity. I will also be forever grateful to Loughborough University for the help they have given me with my anxiety as well as my dyslexia diagnosis; I really mean it when I say that Loughborough is more than a university, it’s a family.


Bioengineering (Part B)

I am thoroughly enjoying my time at Loughborough, it’s a green campus with lots of open spaces. There’s lots to get involved with, whether it’s trying a new sport or society, volunteering or exploring nearby cities. I have met some amazing people here. I have found that Loughborough is a friendly, supportive environment with excellent facilities for engineering such as the STEMLab, Careers Network and the Mathematics Learning Support Centre. Loughborough has ticked many boxes for what I was looking for in a university.


Computer Science (Part C)

From developing my skills and knowledge in a subject I’m passionate about, to making amazing friends and having lots of unique experiences, Loughborough has brought me many joys over my four years as a student. I’ve been a member of the Cook 'n’ Bake society, taken part in Action projects, had opportunities to inspire others and even managed to secure a graduate job at my placement company. I will keep the memories and all I have learnt at Loughborough with me for life!


Architecture (Part A)

I love the Loughborough experience as a whole. My course combines everything I enjoy in one, art and science. I have found the course really fulfilling. Outside of my course, some of the things I have done this year are fundraising for London to Paris Cycle, AU Cycling and I am heavily involved in Action volunteering. I am the Action International Officer, where I have met so many amazing people in this role and enjoy it a lot. I have been re-elected for next year.


Product Design Engineering (Graduate)

Product Design Engineering at Loughborough was the first university course that I really liked the look of and it was the campus that made me sure I wanted it as my first choice. I got a placement with a company that I was introduced to through a sponsored module on my course and I now run a business based in the University Science and Enterprise Park, that is based on the work I did during my dissertation.


Mechanical Engineering (Part D)

I love the fact that the University encourages students to have a balanced lifestyle between studies, socials, sports and societies. I have been involved in volleyball and the Enactus society while studying here.


Natural Sciences (Part B)

My first two years at Loughborough have been pivotal in helping me to gain a sense of independence and adventure. The University has allowed me to discover sports, hobbies and friends that I would never have found otherwise. Whether in cheerleading, the Filipino society or the two halls I've been in, I've always felt accepted here. Within my course I have also been able to study and expand my knowledge on not only biosciences and chemistry individually, but how the two interact and affect one another in day to day life.


Mechanical Engineering (Part B)

At Loughborough, there is an incredible sense of community and lots of opportunities to get involved with as part of, and outside of, your degree. In my first two years I have formed lifelong friendships and had some incredible experiences. I have been involved with Loughborough Students Judo Club and have been a part of Welfare & Diversity through my hall committee and as part of the section committee. Through this I have learnt a lot about myself outside of an academic environment and have had the chance to explore my passions whilst picking up valuable skills.


Chemistry (Part C)

I’ve grown a lot in my four years at Loughborough and achieved my goal of securing a graduate job. I’ve made friends for life, been involved in new sports and spent a year working in the pharmaceutical industry.

The atmosphere on campus, on my first visit, made me want to call Loughborough my home. I decided to have a year out; I worked in an office job after my A-levels - university seemed pretty daunting and this gave me the opportunity to earn some money! That year confirmed to me that there would be many more opportunities available to me with a degree and the experience of university.

The safe and friendly campus provides a unique opportunity and the support to excel at more than just your chosen subject - I’ll be graduating with so much more than just a Chemistry degree.


Aeronautical Engineering (Part C)

After four years at Loughborough University, I can undoubtedly say that the Loughborough experience is in fact one to be experienced. The sense of community and family, have made my past four years truly extraordinary. I have been able to meet extremely amazing individuals both on my course and outside of it. 

I have taken part in societies, sporting activities, worked at the Purple Onion shop in the student village, worked as a student ambassador and volunteered as a Peer Mentor. All these experiences have shaped my journey throughout university, and have helped me to increase in confidence and other soft skills that are essential to everyday life. If I had to describe Loughborough in one word - Life-changing.


Information Management and Business (Part C)

The four years at Loughborough have absolutely flown by and I can’t believe the journey is coming to an end! From getting involved in the different societies like Enactus to helping my fellow students through Peer Mentoring. 

Loughborough has it all. The academic side - lecturers are always available via email or face-to-face during and after lectures. Your degree can be tailored to suit your interests through choosing modules that intrigue you. The huge library is only one study place among the various learning spaces available. The placement experience is not one to miss where you get to put your knowledge to the test and grow yourself even further.

The non-academic side - the ‘Loughborough Bubble’ means you don’t have to leave campus. Two gyms, student union night clubs, restaurants, a hotel and spa, and not to mention Dominos, Deliveroo and Tesco deliveries come right to your accommodation. 

Start to get bored of the town life? Fear not! We’re in the 'Golden Triangle’ where you can get to Leicester, Nottingham and Birmingham with a quick train ride!


Human Biology (Part C)

My Loughborough experience is hard to describe in one word. There have been so many different aspects which have contributed to my last three years here at Loughborough, from the life-long friends I have made, to the degree I have gained, it has been some of the best years of my life. I'd say my favourite thing about Loughborough is the campus; it has such a friendly and community feel, that wherever you go you are bound to bump into someone you know. The sporting culture on a Wednesday afternoon makes the campus even more vibrant and enjoyable. I have been involved in a variety of societies, and participated regularly in the IMS sporting programme, both of which helped shaped my Loughborough experience.