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Sociology with Criminology (Placement year)

I love Loughborough because there are a lot of societies to get involved in and many activities that you can do outside of your course. I'm involved with Education activities in the Students' Union and come September I will be a Programme President and Peer Mentor.


Communication and Media (Final year)

I ultimately fell in love with the campus and people. You are encouraged to get involved in so much here at Loughborough. I am graduating this year with so much more than my degree, having learnt so much about myself as a person. My course is great as it gave me the autonomy to study modules from my two favourite subjects, sociology and media studies, as the social science department is interdisciplinary.


Psychology (First year)

After taking two years out before starting university, I now proudly call Loughborough home. I have been involved in hockey, lacrosse, Nightline, soup kitchens and even running a mental health awareness course. Despite the size of the university and campus, I felt the sense of community immediately and it is impossible to run out of things to get involved with!


Politics, History and International Relations (Final year)

After spending two years on campus, the University helped me to find a great placement opportunity abroad. The careers consultants motivated and prepared me, but I still needed to develop a sense of initiative to apply and go through the process. I returned for my final year with a new drive and readiness to succeed academically and enter the job market. I will leave Loughborough this summer with immense gratitude for shaping my ambitions and skills.


History and Politics (First year)

The opportunities available to students at Loughborough are incredible. Not only have I had the chance to explore my academic passions within my History and Politics degree, but I have also taken this further, establishing Loughborough debate society and building a community of like-minded people that have become lifelong friends. Loughborough has given me the opportunity to earn money, both with the University itself and the Students' Union, to go on trips abroad skiing, to take classes in order to further my German language skills, to explore my faith, but most importantly, the opportunity to make meaningful connections with other people. I have met so many interesting, talented and unique individuals at Loughborough, and I truly believe the Loughborough family provides a very special culture in which these relationships can bloom.


Geography (Second year)

We call Loughborough a bubble for a reason and this is why I have loved my first two years so much. From your degree programme, to halls of residence, sport and societies, I have made a lifetime of friendships and memories. I undoubtably call Loughborough my family and I couldn’t recommend it to anyone more!

I have been involved in Loughborough Students Athletics Club since first year, I joined William Morris Hall committee as female sports sec and have been actively involved in all IMS and Hall events. Whether it be my coach, friends or lecturers, I am constantly surrounded by people at Loughborough who push me to best my best self and instilled a confidence I didn’t have before.


English (Second year)

Loughborough is definitely my home away from home! My Loughborough experience so far has been enriching, rewarding and confidence boosting. I have been working as a Student Ambassador and volunteered as a Peer Mentor for first year English students. Later this year, I will be studying abroad in Italy and I'm really excited to experience a different style of teaching! Loughborough has definitely inspired me to take every amazing opportunity that I come across with confidence. 

If I had to describe Loughborough in one word, it would be empowering.


Communication and Media (Placement year)

I enjoy the community of students and the numerous societies that Loughborough provides. I have been fortunate to be a part of amazing societies which have given me the chance to better myself outside my degree. I have been on the committee for the Nigerian society as the Media Officer, as well as volunteering with LSU Media, which allowed me to put my degree into practice. I’m also a student ambassador which has allowed me to try different roles within the university while earning money and valuable experiences as well, another opportunity was becoming a student blogger which helped me document my amazing experiences. These experiences have helped in building my confidence and skill set which gave me the necessary criteria to get a placement.

Loughborough in one word - amazing!


Psychology with Criminology

Since joining the Loughborough family in September, I have already been presented with a plethora of opportunities, including being an ambassador for the university, representing the AU Futsal squad and through Loughborough Students’ Rag I have been granted the once in a lifetime opportunity to partake in the Elephant and Hill Tribes charity trip to ThailandI instantly fell in love with not only the campus and my course, but also our community. I have met so many interesting, talented and unique individuals from a range of diverse backgrounds, and I am surrounded by fellow students who all encourage and support each other. Undoubtedly, I am proud to call myself a member of the Loughborough family. 

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