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One of the best ways to learn more about Loughborough is to hear from our students! Watch our student videos, read our blogs and chat with us live on Thursday 18th February 1pm-3pm.

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Sport & Exercise Psychology

I fell in love with Loughborough the minute that I stepped foot onto campus, and I now call it home. The sense of community within the bubble is incomparable to anywhere else and you just feel accepted by everyone you meet. The lecturers on my course are some of the best there are and it's exciting to continue being educated. You’re encouraged to step out of your comfort zone and find new things to do outside of your degree. I’ve been lucky enough to get involved with LSU Action, LSU Media, LSU Rag and so many other incredible events. You are free to be whoever you want, and you get to meet so many beautiful people along the way. It really is something special.  


Sport and Exercise Science

I have been coming to Loughborough for many years due to my participation in athletics and triathlon. I am so lucky that this place that I admired so much for its sporting prowess is now not only the place where I get to train but also somewhere that I can call home. I have been able to combine my love for sport with my degree in sport and exercise science allowing me to explore my passion whilst sharing it with friends who have similar interests to myself. I love getting up for my early morning swims when no one else is about and looking at the gorgeous campus and thinking how lucky I am. I have also loved the family feel in halls, my flatmates and I are all so different but weirdly our personalities all complement one another’s. Ive been able to get involved with IMS and hall events meaning there is never a dull moment when staying on campus. Loughborough has so many opportunities and I can wait to continue exploring everything it has to offer.


Sport and Exercise Science

What struck me the first time I visited Loughborough (and every time I am out on campus now) is how friendly, driven and inspiring everyone is. From the students, to the lecturers, to the cleaning staff; everyone is so proud to be a part of the university that it really does feel like a Loughborough family. My favourite thing about Loughborough is that it offers the most incredible sporting opportunities for athletes, coaches and performance analysts alike. To think that in my first term I have tried 8 different sports, become a Women in Sport panellist and connected with the CEO of the International Paralympic Committee is just extraordinary!

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Our ambassadors will be online answering your questions on Thursday 18th February, from 1pm to 3pm (GMT)