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One of the best ways to learn more about Loughborough is to hear from our students! Watch our student videos, read our blogs and chat with us live on Thursday 18th June from 4 to 6pm (GMT).

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Accounting & Financial Management (Second Year)

What attracted me to Loughborough was definitely the vibrant campus and number of opportunities there are here! I’ve made great friends through getting involved in societies, volunteering and working on events as a student ambassador. In first year, living in halls there was a real sense of community and it didn’t take long for me to call Loughborough my home. I have really enjoyed my course so far and the placements team in the SBE have supported me in getting a placement for my third year which will be a great experience.



My time at Loughborough so far has been amazing. The multitude of optional modules on my course is brilliant as it has allowed me to tailor my degree to my interests. In particular, studying optional language modules has been a game changer! This is one example of the wealth of opportunities available to students at Loughborough, which ensures there is never a dull moment here! Outside of lectures, I have been heavily involved in University Tennis, AU Touch Rugby, Halls Basketball, 5-a-side Social Football and LES. Through these extracurricular activities I have made some great memories and some even better friends. I am proud to call Loughborough home and I could not recommend it highly enough to anyone.


Information Management and Business

Hi, I am Diba! I am an international student from Iran and I am currently in my final year studying Information Management and Business. The combination of business and technology, and how they influence the society is what I like about the course. My favourite part about Loughborough is that it offers so many opportunities, you are always encouraged to learn and try new things and the campus feels like a community. Some of the activities I did alongside my studies are: being the vice chair of Enactus (a society for entrepreneurs), joining belly dancing society, traveling to South Africa to set up a social enterprise and being a member of AU basketball team. 


Marketing and Management (First year)

I first fell in love with Loughborough because of its amazing range of opportunities. I’ve been able to get involved in inter-halls sports, societies and  raising money for charity. Now, Loughborough definitely feels like my second home and fitting into the campus life was very easy with everyone at the university being incredible helpful. The community feel of campus is what has made my experience so far special as I’ve been able to meet a range of different people not only on different courses but from different parts of the world.



Economics and Management

My time at Loughborough so far has been amazing. I have been involved in the Loughborough students athletics club since the very start of first year and come July, thanks to the excellent support and help the university gave me, I start a very exciting and enriching placement. My favourite part of my course is the fact it has allowed me to study really interesting topics from my two favourite subjects. Therefore, increasing my overall passion for economics and management. There are so many things to get involved in at Loughborough and the community feel of the university is amazing!  

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