At Loughborough, we’re passionate about Economics and how modelling the world around us can help solve some of the most pressing challenges faced by businesses and governments today. Our highly popular economics courses have a reputation amongst employers for producing well-rounded, highly employable graduates ready for the real world. Join one of the UK’s top-10 business schools and open up a world of possibilities for your future career.

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Using the example of pensions, Professor Alistair Milne gives a brief demonstration on how economics can be used to build a model that predicts the value of a pension pot, building in various assumptions such as the cost of upfront and hidden charges. This mini-taster lecture may be of interest to those interested in studying any of our three undergraduate degrees in Economics at Loughborough University.

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Why does Economics matter?

Click below to download resource cards produced by alumni, Madison & Alex, outlining why they believe that studying Economics matters, including the impact the subject can have on society, where it might change the world and why it is important.

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