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Sociology with Criminology (Placement year)

I love Loughborough because there are a lot of societies to get involved in and many activities that you can do outside of your course. I'm involved with Education activities in the Students' Union and come September I will be a Programme President and Peer Mentor.


Communication and Media (Final year)

I ultimately fell in love with the campus and people. You are encouraged to get involved in so much here at Loughborough. I am graduating this year with so much more than my degree, having learnt so much about myself as a person. My course is great as it gave me the autonomy to study modules from my two favourite subjects, sociology and media studies, as the social science department is interdisciplinary.


Psychology (First year)

After taking two years out before starting university, I now proudly call Loughborough home. I have been involved in hockey, lacrosse, Nightline, soup kitchens and even running a mental health awareness course. Despite the size of the university and campus, I felt the sense of community immediately and it is impossible to run out of things to get involved with!


Politics, History and International Relations (Final year)

After spending two years on campus, the University helped me to find a great placement opportunity abroad. The careers consultants motivated and prepared me, but I still needed to develop a sense of initiative to apply and go through the process. I returned for my final year with a new drive and readiness to succeed academically and enter the job market. I will leave Loughborough this summer with immense gratitude for shaping my ambitions and skills.


History and Politics (First year)

The opportunities available to students at Loughborough are incredible. Not only have I had the chance to explore my academic passions within my History and Politics degree, but I have also taken this further, establishing Loughborough debate society and building a community of like-minded people that have become lifelong friends. Loughborough has given me the opportunity to earn money, both with the University itself and the Students' Union, to go on trips abroad skiing, to take classes in order to further my German language skills, to explore my faith, but most importantly, the opportunity to make meaningful connections with other people. I have met so many interesting, talented and unique individuals at Loughborough, and I truly believe the Loughborough family provides a very special culture in which these relationships can bloom.


Geography (Second year)

We call Loughborough a bubble for a reason and this is why I have loved my first two years so much. From your degree programme, to halls of residence, sport and societies, I have made a lifetime of friendships and memories. I undoubtably call Loughborough my family and I couldn’t recommend it to anyone more!

I have been involved in Loughborough Students Athletics Club since first year, I joined William Morris Hall committee as female sports sec and have been actively involved in all IMS and Hall events. Whether it be my coach, friends or lecturers, I am constantly surrounded by people at Loughborough who push me to best my best self and instilled a confidence I didn’t have before.


English (Second year)

Loughborough is definitely my home away from home! My Loughborough experience so far has been enriching, rewarding and confidence boosting. I have been working as a Student Ambassador and volunteered as a Peer Mentor for first year English students. Later this year, I will be studying abroad in Italy and I'm really excited to experience a different style of teaching! Loughborough has definitely inspired me to take every amazing opportunity that I come across with confidence. 

If I had to describe Loughborough in one word, it would be empowering.


Communication and Media (Placement year)

I enjoy the community of students and the numerous societies that Loughborough provides. I have been fortunate to be a part of amazing societies which have given me the chance to better myself outside my degree. I have been on the committee for the Nigerian society as the Media Officer, as well as volunteering with LSU Media, which allowed me to put my degree into practice. I’m also a student ambassador which has allowed me to try different roles within the university while earning money and valuable experiences as well, another opportunity was becoming a student blogger which helped me document my amazing experiences. These experiences have helped in building my confidence and skill set which gave me the necessary criteria to get a placement.

Loughborough in one word - amazing!


Industrial Design

I love studying at Loughborough University, not only because of the large campus which has everything you would need in it, but also because of the supportive environment.  My favourite thing about my course is the variety of skills we learn: from CAD to prototyping and sketching, no day is the same. The range of projects we work on gives us the opportunity to develop our skills and push our limits to keep improving, year on year. I also enjoy getting involved with extracurricular activities like language societies, MyLifestyle sports classes and the Design Society, which are great for meeting other like-minded people, and to relax when not working. 


Fine art (second year)

Loughborough has given me so many new opportunities, from developing my artistic practice with access to printing, painting, woodwork, photography, ceramics, and metal workshops. As well as being able to produce my work in my own studio space surrounded by an exciting creative environment, where I can talk to experienced technicians about my work.

I have also had the opportunity to try new sports, attending the lacrosse taster session, which for a complete beginner I found everyone so helpful and welcoming and it encouraged me to join the beginner’s team this year.



Art Foundation

I have been at Loughborough for over two years now and I have loved every moment. The sense of community on campus is what I love most about Loughborough. There are endless opportunities which you can get involved with and there really is something for everyone! I have been involved with RAG raids, the colour dash 5K run and I am now a member of the lacrosse team which has been a really good fun way to keep fit alongside University work. 

I came to Loughborough to study an Art Foundation course; I was so amazed with the facilities and valuable experiences available to you at Loughborough that I decided to stay. The foundation course enabled me to really understand my strengths and weaknesses which led me to study Textiles: Innovation & Design.

I am very grateful to have been able to study here at Loughborough, I have made lifelong friendships, incredible memories which I will cherish forever and unforgettable experiences along the way.  


When deciding where to study, Loughborough stood out to me from the start. The vast open campus offers so many opportunities, and the community spirit makes settling in very easy. Loughborough is close to my hometown, so I chose to commute to university instead of living on campus. This has given me a different university experience to most of my friends but I still have had plenty of opportunities to get involved in activities. I work on campus as a student ambassador and I am also a course representative in the Design School which keeps me busy outside of timetable. My course is very engaging, and I have developed so many design skills here at Loughborough. From practical workshop sessions to seminars and lectures, no two days are the same in the Design School. 


Fine Art

After living in Loughborough for 4 years I can honestly say that the university provides so many different opportunities. Over the years I have had the opportunity to join societies such as lacrosse, life drawing and photography.  

The ‘Loughborough bubble’ is absolutely a real thing, everyone is so friendly and the community is like no other. I have made so many memories and friends for life here! Loughborough has given me so many opportunities and skills. As well as my course which has allowed me to pursue my interest in photography! I love Loughborough and will always be grateful I came here!


Accounting & Financial Management (Second Year)

What attracted me to Loughborough was definitely the vibrant campus and number of opportunities there are here! I’ve made great friends through getting involved in societies, volunteering and working on events as a student ambassador. In first year, living in halls there was a real sense of community and it didn’t take long for me to call Loughborough my home. I have really enjoyed my course so far and the placements team in the SBE have supported me in getting a placement for my third year which will be a great experience.



My time at Loughborough so far has been amazing. The multitude of optional modules on my course is brilliant as it has allowed me to tailor my degree to my interests. In particular, studying optional language modules has been a game changer! This is one example of the wealth of opportunities available to students at Loughborough, which ensures there is never a dull moment here! Outside of lectures, I have been heavily involved in University Tennis, AU Touch Rugby, Halls Basketball, 5-a-side Social Football and LES. Through these extracurricular activities I have made some great memories and some even better friends. I am proud to call Loughborough home and I could not recommend it highly enough to anyone.


Information Management and Business

Hi, I am Diba! I am an international student from Iran and I am currently in my final year studying Information Management and Business. The combination of business and technology, and how they influence the society is what I like about the course. My favourite part about Loughborough is that it offers so many opportunities, you are always encouraged to learn and try new things and the campus feels like a community. Some of the activities I did alongside my studies are: being the vice chair of Enactus (a society for entrepreneurs), joining belly dancing society, traveling to South Africa to set up a social enterprise and being a member of AU basketball team. 


Marketing and Management (First year)

I first fell in love with Loughborough because of its amazing range of opportunities. I’ve been able to get involved in inter-halls sports, societies and  raising money for charity. Now, Loughborough definitely feels like my second home and fitting into the campus life was very easy with everyone at the university being incredible helpful. The community feel of campus is what has made my experience so far special as I’ve been able to meet a range of different people not only on different courses but from different parts of the world.



Economics and Management

My time at Loughborough so far has been amazing. I have been involved in the Loughborough students athletics club since the very start of first year and come July, thanks to the excellent support and help the university gave me, I start a very exciting and enriching placement. My favourite part of my course is the fact it has allowed me to study really interesting topics from my two favourite subjects. Therefore, increasing my overall passion for economics and management. There are so many things to get involved in at Loughborough and the community feel of the university is amazing!  


Sport & Exercise Psychology

I fell in love with Loughborough the minute that I stepped foot onto campus, and I now call it home. The sense of community within the bubble is incomparable to anywhere else and you just feel accepted by everyone you meet. The lecturers on my course are some of the best there are and it's exciting to continue being educated. You’re encouraged to step out of your comfort zone and find new things to do outside of your degree. I’ve been lucky enough to get involved with LSU Action, LSU Media, LSU Rag and so many other incredible events. You are free to be whoever you want, and you get to meet so many beautiful people along the way. It really is something special.  


Sport and Exercise Science

I have been coming to Loughborough for many years due to my participation in athletics and triathlon. I am so lucky that this place that I admired so much for its sporting prowess is now not only the place where I get to train but also somewhere that I can call home. I have been able to combine my love for sport with my degree in sport and exercise science allowing me to explore my passion whilst sharing it with friends who have similar interests to myself. I love getting up for my early morning swims when no one else is about and looking at the gorgeous campus and thinking how lucky I am. I have also loved the family feel in halls, my flatmates and I are all so different but weirdly our personalities all complement one another’s. Ive been able to get involved with IMS and hall events meaning there is never a dull moment when staying on campus. Loughborough has so many opportunities and I can wait to continue exploring everything it has to offer.


Sport and Exercise Science

What struck me the first time I visited Loughborough (and every time I am out on campus now) is how friendly, driven and inspiring everyone is. From the students, to the lecturers, to the cleaning staff; everyone is so proud to be a part of the university that it really does feel like a Loughborough family. My favourite thing about Loughborough is that it offers the most incredible sporting opportunities for athletes, coaches and performance analysts alike. To think that in my first term I have tried 8 different sports, become a Women in Sport panellist and connected with the CEO of the International Paralympic Committee is just extraordinary!

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