Student Accommodation

There are 16 undergraduate halls of residence to choose from here at Loughborough, all of which are on (or very close to) campus, with options to suit every budget and catering preference. If you make Loughborough University your firm choice and register for accommodation before the end of July, we will guarantee you a room in University accommodation. International students from outside the EU are guaranteed hall accommodation within the same hall for any two years of their undergraduate study.

Each room contains a bed, storage, desk, chair, shelves and a noticeboard. You will also have access to laundry facilities, bike storage, a common room, and the internet, plus the support of a fantastic Warden and Hall Committee team who ensure that hall life remains supportive and fun for everyone. Our halls offer a safe environment and are renowned for being the best place to start your university life. Whichever one becomes your home, you’ll remember being part of it forever.

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