School and College Liaison


How Can We Help You?

The COVID-19 pandemic has created significant levels of uncertainty for students and their families. Many are concerned about their education, and for those in year 11 and 13, there is the additional worry relating to the impact of cancelling summer exams. As school/college staff we know that you remain committed to supporting students during this difficult time in both their academic learning and planning their future options. We recognise that these unprecedented times make this a difficult task, therefore, we wanted to ask, how can we help you? Loughborough University’s School and College team are keen to understand more about the challenges you may be facing and want to work with you to establish solutions to help mitigate wherever we can.

We are hoping to run a series of short, phone-based meetings to discuss any issues you are facing and/or any ideas that you think we could support to help overcome them. Whilst we cant promise that we can deliver all suggestions we are fully committed to doing whatever we can to ensure your careers/HE programmes are as comprehensive as always, ensuring all students/family members have the opportunity to ask a HE advisor their questions about university life and learning.

If you would be interested in taking part in one of these calls please click on the link below, providing us with the details of when a suitable time would be to contact you. Alternatively, please email any feedback/ideas to