I chose to study Water Management for Development MSc at Loughborough University because of the modules offered by the Water Engineering and Development Centre (WEDC). They offer practical modules that allow you to solve water-related issues in low-income communities and countries. Many universities only focus on high-tech engineering, which is not targeted at the issues that low-income communities are often faced with. If you hope to build your career in the Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) sector, WEDC at Loughborough University is the right place for enhancing your skills and knowledge.

The programme is well-balanced with theory-based and hands-on lectures. The lecturers have a wide variety of experience in the WASH sector in developing countries. The lecture materials often include real-life case studies from Africa, Latin America and Asia. The first lectures focused on defining the issues in the WASH sector in developing countries, followed by discussions on how to tackle those issues and forge ahead. I also found the ReVIEW Lecture Capture incredibly useful to review the lectures at any time. This is especially useful for international students like me to deepen our understanding of the lectures.

I did my dissertation on critical success factors of Performance-Based Public-Private Partnerships for Non-Revenue Water (NRW) reduction. I used statistical analysis, using a large database and a case study of Bahama to identify and analyse the success factors. This research focused on how we could successfully mobilise the private sector for water supply. I hope that this research contributes to sustainable water provisions in developing countries.


An increasing amount of investment is being put into the WASH sector due to the COVID-19 pandemic, which makes the role of WASH even more highlighted. Pursuing a career in the WASH sector is definitely worthwhile, and WEDC will equip you with skills and knowledge needed to be able to work as a WASH specialist.

Throughout my career in the WASH sector, I hope to contribute to minimising poverty and disparities, and establishing sustainable water infrastructure. I am currently a WASH Officer at the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) at their Japan headquarters, developing WASH programmes in Africa and Latin America. Having a degree from Loughborough truly helped me prepare for the interview and the position as I was able to showcase my expertise and comprehensive understanding of the global WASH sector.

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