Yogeshwar Sonwane


MSc Renewable Energy Systems Technology (Distance Learning)
Study area
Mechanical, Electrical and Manufacturing Engineering

I opted for distance learning as it offered me the flexibility to manage my work and study seamlessly.

Why did you choose to study your course at Loughborough University?

I was looking to upgrade my knowledge and skills in the energy sector. My colleague who studied and worked at CREST [Centre for Renewable Energy Systems Technology] at Loughborough University recommended this course to me. Having done my own due diligence, I realised that LU offers the best master’s course in Renewables. Hence, I applied for the course.

Why did you decide to do the course via distance learning?

I opted for DL as it offered me the flexibility to allow me to manage my work and study seamlessly.

Which aspects of the course did you particularly enjoy?

The course offered the latest technology knowledge in renewable systems. I particularly enjoyed the applied side and assessment of risks associated with investments in renewable systems.

What does your research project involve?

My research project was about the assessment of global MPP tracking performance of inverters while operating with multiple peak PV curves. It involved research into the effect of partial shading on power voltage curve and its effect on inverter maximum power point tracking performance.

How did the teaching quality and facilities enhance your learning?

The teaching quality was excellent and the online facilities were equally good.