Mathilde Wu


MSc Renewable Energy Systems Technology
Study area
Mechanical, Electrical and Manufacturing Engineering

I liked the fact that lecturers were passionate about their subject.

Why did you choose to study your course at Loughborough University?

My engineering school in France offered double diplomas with universities abroad for our final year (year of specialisation). I decided to choose Loughborough University because I was interested in renewable energy and I had heard great things about this MSc and the University.

Which aspects of the course did you particularly enjoy?

I enjoyed the fact that lectures were intensive (bloc-course and a lot of information given during lectures), which gave the impression of efficiency and the opportunity to have free time on the side. I also like the REVIEW system that allowed you to listen to lectures again, and the fact that lecturers were passionate about their subject.

What did your research project involve?

My research project was about updating the CREST [Centre for Renewable Energy Systems Technology] energy demand model with the implementation of new time-use data. It involved processing through MATLAB and python new time-use data, to implement it in the model. The updated model was then compared to the previous model, to determine if it was more fitted to recent domestic energy demand trends.

What support did you receive from the department and the University?

I remember at the beginning of the course, we had an integration week as well as a talk for international students. This helped me feel like the university cared about us, and helped me make friends.

How did the teaching quality and facilities enhance your learning?

The enthusiasm of the lecturers and quality of their lectures motivated me to learn. There was also a good atmosphere in this small-sized class, with a common desire to achieve good marks.

The facilities, like the library, all seemed modern and encouraged me to study on campus.