International Management

The Institute for International Management aims to become the leading centre for training and research into the successful management of international organisations across different national context.

Why choose to study international management with us?

We have a choice of degrees for you to choose from

Each programme offers teaching from world-leading academics and aims to deliver research-led teaching to its students. The Institute for International Management at Loughborough University London is committed to helping you develop the skills and attributes you need to progress successfully into a wide range of management careers.

Want to undertake a research degree? You can do that too

By undertaking research with the Institute for International Management, you will develop a range of new skills through creative thinking, analytical reasoning and real-life problem solving.

London is a fantastic location for students

London, one of the world’s leading hubs for global business and trade, is the ideal location for students to expand their knowledge, expertise and networks. Loughborough University London is surrounded by key influencers and innovators in business, and is just a short journey from Canary Wharf, London Bridge and Liverpool Street.

Research is important to us

The Institute for International Management is actively engaged in international research projects concerning the globalisation of economic activity and the implications for patterns of work and governance. It will develop expertise in a range of emerging market economies over the next few years.

Current research within the Institute for International Management includes:

  • International and comparative employment relations
  • Multinational companies (MNCs) and ‘Global Actors’
  • The management of international workforces
  • Employment Practice in MNCs
  • The role of Human Resources, including policies and practices
  • International mergers and acquisitions,
  • Employment practices and relations
  • Institutional changes and trajectories of socioeconomic development models

You'll be taught by a team of highly ranked scholars

The Institute for International Management is led by a team of world-class scholars, with an impressive track record of attracting high-profile research grants for research into many aspects of international management.

Dr Gerhard Schnyder

Dr Gerhard Schnyder is the Director of the Institute for International Management and a Reader in International Management. Dr Schnyder is interested in the interplay between legal-institutional and political factors, as well as firm-level corporate governance practices and strategies. His research also touches on the role of liberal and non-liberal ideas and theories on processes of institutional and regulatory change in national business systems.

Dr Schnyder recently completed an ESRC-funded research project investigating the evolution of shareholder-orientated corporate governance practices in different European countries and their link to legal and regulatory reforms.