Senior Lecturer receives United St Saviours award for work to defend the rights of migrant women in London

Senior Lecturer in Media and Creative Industries, Dr Patria Roman-Velazquez, has been recognised by United St Saviours for the significance of her research and the progress made through her charity, Latin Elephant.

Dr Roman-Velazquez

Dr Roman-Velazquez received the award for her research and determination to support the inclusion of migrant and ethnic women during the redevelopment of Elephant and Castle in London.

Latin Elephant was founded in 2014 by Dr Roman-Velazquez and aims to promote participation, engagement and inclusion of migrant and ethnic groups. The charity is actively working to amplify community voices in Elephant and Castle and raise awareness of the contribution that Latin American and other migrant and ethnic traders are making to the area.

The charity has already made a significant contribution to policy and trade agreements concerning the regeneration of Elephant and Castle, an area of London which is home to a large community of migrant and ethnic traders. Many of the traders are women and their businesses are the primary source of income for their families.

The charity champions engagement with other London-based universities and offers a capacity-building programme for migrant and ethnic traders affected by regeneration. The programme includes interactive workshops on finance, employment and commercial property law.

Speaking of the award, Patria said: “I know what it is to be a migrant, to live in poverty and to be discriminated against. I am accepting this recognition on behalf of all migrant women who have overcome inequality and contributed to making their community a better place.”