Staff exchange opportunities

As part of the ERASMUS+ programme, both academic and administrative staff can apply to travel abroad to an ERASMUS+ partner - a process called 'mobility' - for purposes of either teaching or training. This section provides more information, including selection criteria and contact details.

Staff mobility for teaching and training

As part of the ERASMUS+ programme, staff mobility can be undertaken by both academic and administrative staff for either teaching or training. 

Teaching mobility must be undertaken in a partner HEI, which holds an ERASMUS+ Charter for Higher Education (ECHE) and with which Loughborough University has an inter-institutional agreement.  For a teaching mobility, the individual must deliver at least eight hours of teaching per week (or for any shorted perios of stay). If the mobility lasts longer than one week, the minimum number of teaching hours for an incomplete week should be proportinally reduced.

Training mobility may be undertaken in a partner HEI as described above, but it may also take place in an appropriate host organisation where there is no requirement for an inter-institutional agreement.  Training activities include job shadowing, observation, attendance at workshops/courses, etc.  


To be eligible, staff must hold a contract of employment with Loughborough University. 

All applications for staff mobility will be assessed against the selection criteria for staff teaching and training mobility, which was agreed by Loughborough University’s International Mobility Team in September 2016.


The minimum duration for a staff mobility is two days(excluding travel time).  The maximum duration is two months.  At Loughborough University, staff typically undertake teaching or training visits of around five days with one day either side for travel.


There is a search engine which allows both staff and students to view the partner institutions, with which Loughborough University has inter-institutional agreements.

Please note, however, that ERASMUS+ staff mobility is only applicable to partner institutions in Europe.

A full list of ERASMUS+ partners is also available from the Institutional Exchange Co-ordinator (email

Application process

The application process commences in September of the academic year in which the staff mobility should be undertaken. 

The Institutional Exchange Co-ordinator circulates the application form via the School/Departmental Exchange Co-ordinators and advises them of the number of mobility grants available. 

The deadline for completed applications is typically towards the end of October.  All applications are checked against the selection criteria for staff teaching and training mobility before they are sent to the Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Teaching) for final approval. 

Please note that any applications which do not have the approval of the individual’s School Senior Management Team will not be considered. 

The application process for staff mobility in 2018/19 has finished. Application forms for 2019/20 will be made available on this web page from September 2019.

The completed application form must be submitted to Lindsay Hendricks ( email


Staff who are successful in applying for staff mobility will receive mobility grants as a contribution towards subsistence and travel.

Subsistence rates are paid in accordance with the living costs of the host country and the duration of the staff mobility.

Travel grants are paid in accordance with the distance travelled and are not included in the calculation of the minimum duration of the staff mobility.  The University has the discretion to award funding for up to 2 travel days.  Please note that a travel day is one day’s subsistence for the individual travelling before and/or after participating in the teaching or training activities.  If the individual is participating in the teaching or training activities on the same day as travelling, he/she is not entitled to a travel day.

Further information about funding, payments and receipted expenditure will be provided to successful applicants.

EU survey report

When a member of staff returns from a teaching or training mobility period, he/she is required to submit an electronic report via the online EU Survey.  This is an automated email which is sent directly to the member of staff with an individual link to a feedback report and which must be completed within 30 calendar days of receipt.

Please note that a member of staff who has already undertaken a teaching or training mobility may be required to partially or fully reimburse the financial support received if he/she fails to complete and submit the online EU Survey.