Each year we welcome huge numbers of students from a range of cultures, countries and life experiences to our campuses in the East Midlands and East London.

With an increasingly diverse community, it is critical that we work to ensure that we have a truly inclusive culture in which all feel welcomed and valued.

Loughborough University is committed to addressing racial inequalities through improving the representation, progression and success of all minority ethnic students and staff, and addressing issues of racism and racial discrimination.

How do I take part?

Look out for your survey invite from rec@lboro.ac.uk

Complete the survey anytime between 9-23 November

Your feedback helps the University to become a more equal, inclusive and diverse place

What is the Student Survey on Race Equality?

This Student Survey is part of Loughborough University’s work for the Race Equality Charter (REC). It will help us to understand your experience with us, and improve outcomes for students from under-represented groups, especially those with protected characteristics of race, ethnicity and national origin. 

By finding out more about what we are doing well, and crucially, where we can do better, we aim to improve our policies, practices and culture, and make the University a more diverse, equal and inclusive place.

All students, from any background, are eligible to take part in this survey and we strongly encourage everyone to take part.

The survey will ask you about the following:

Your demographic information
Diversity at the institution
Diversity of the local population
Reporting racial discrimination
Course progression, further study and employment

In March, all staff were also invited to take part in a similar survey. Both of these surveys will contribute to Loughborough University’s submission for a REC Bronze award in July 2021; more information about this can be found on the HR website.

Why should I take part?

We want to hear your views on studying at Loughborough University and how you believe we can help to eradicate racial discrimination and advance race equality. Your views will help us to understand, plan and implement strategies to help us to improve equality, diversity and inclusion across both of our campuses. 

This survey is just one of the ways you can be involved. We will be communicating regularly to keep you up to date with the race equality work we are undertaking and seeking your views on future actions.  

For more information regarding our involvement in the Race Equality Charter please see visit the HR website

In addition, completion of the survey will result in points towards Hall of the Year.

Frequently asked questions

When can I participate in the survey?

The survey will be open from Monday 9 November – Monday 23 November.

How do I take part?

You will have received an email from rec@lboro.ac.uk on the week commencing 9 November. This email will provide you with a link to complete the survey.

The survey takes approximately 10-15 minutes to complete, depending on how many comment boxes you wish to write in. You are able to pause the survey by marking ‘Finish later’ and entering your email address for a follow up link; however, it must be completed before the survey’s closing date.

If you have not received an email inviting you to take part, you can access the survey online by entering your University email address as the username and your student ID number as the password.

How will my data be used?

All data is anonymised in a way that does not allow any individual or their response to be identified. 

Should you wish to withdraw your consent for your response to be processed, please email rec@lboro.ac.uk and state your student ID number.