Evolving Your Business Competition

We are proud to present this year's evolve competition submissions. Below you can watch our amazing founders 1-minute video pitches and vote for your selection in our two prize categories. Voting closes on the 7th of September!

The two prize categories have a £250 prize:

1. Our ‘One to watch’ – This category considers the businesses ‘potential for the future’ – this could be in the idea itself, the founder, the sector or market that the business is breaking into, the innovation and / or the long-term sustainability of the idea.’ £250 prize.

2. Our ‘Best Overall Pitch’– This category considers the pitch in the following ways: Is it clear?E.g., the idea is easy to understand and communicated well. Are the pitching skills of the founder on point? What is the call to action? Is there a clear understanding of what is next for the business, what they are asking for and /or what they will spend the prize-funding on or towards if successful. £250 prize.

Please take your time to vote for your selection in each of the prize categories - we know its an almost impossible task as all the business founders have really excelled, so good luck :)

Lauren Heria - Equal Kicks

A not-for-profit women's football agency that operates between the club and commercial.
Vote for Equal Kicks

Komal Ghai, Shreyans Nilvarna, Jordan Vasileiadis - Athletismos

Athletismos is the first social media platform, fully dedicated to sports and fitness, giving its users the ability to fully personalise the watching experience, and also earn rewards and prizes in a competitive and challenging video creation environment.

Vote for Athletismos

Katie Michaels - Moti Me

A developmental toy for children with additional needs, primarily designed as a physiotherapy aid; the product encourages the development of core physical skills including coordination, strength, and range of motion, whilst making exercises exciting for both the child and parent.

Vote for Moti Me

Natalie Tang, Esin Selte, Angeline Lee, Isaac Finn - Kocoon

Kocoon aims to encourage people to live healthier lifestyles using an hybrid approach of online platform and physical locations to make it easier for people to connect with professionals and receive accredited information.

Vote for Kocoon

Emma Bonhomme - HerSpace

An interactive community based platform that allows women to find and book female only gyms and classes near them.

Vote for HerSpace

Riccardo Barbieri, Amir Hassari, Omar Al-Maaytah - In-Veeta

In-veeta a smart domestic gardening system allowing our users to grow their own fresh nutritious food with minimal effort whilst helping our planet by reducing the pressure on our resources and minimising the carbon footprint of our food industry.

Vote for In-Veeta

Nao Okumura - RUGBIZ

All-in-one Online platform for leveraging rugby clubs' value.

Vote for RUGBIZ

Jing Lin - Mybamboolife

Mybamboolife is focused on making luxury and eco-friendly bamboo furniture as a unique solution to climate change.

Vote for Mybamboolife

Michael Adakole - Cratos

Driverless sustainability investment/crowdfunding.

Vote for Cratos

Sawida Magba-Kamara - Padi Network

Padi network is a networking and education platform for black female entrepreneurs.

Vote for Padi Network

Mario Fernandez Bernal - 10 Football App

Online football community where members create teams and compete against others.

Vote for 10 Football App

Gurupma Singh - Trove

Trove is allowing people to easily share second-hand books to make them free and accessible for everyone while allowing people to connect with their community.

Vote for Trove

Joe Fuggle - theathleteplace

A brand targeting the wellbeing and support of track and field athletes and parents.

Vote for theathleteplace

Michaela Emily de Sa - ohsoflirty

Tackling the lack of size in tops for bigger busted women by selling corset tops in bra sizes.

Vote for ohsoflirty

Kim Hutton - Human Connections Ltd

Human Connections runs 'immersive emapthic modelling' workshops to design professionals and service providers to 'humanise' design and alllow participants and design professionals to understand their users needs by 'walking in their shoes' and offer them design insights to break down exclusion barriers in the built environment and service delivery.

Vote for Human Connections Ltd

Sanjit Oberai - Converse With Us

Application of digital technologies for the betterment of student-recruiter reach.

Vote for Converse With Us

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I vote for the same business in both categories? 

Yes, as long as you think they are deserving of both :) 

2. Can I vote for myself? 

Technically we cannot stop you, however, we encourage you to select and promote your peers! Good business and supporting others goes a long way in the start-up world.

3. I am having trouble voting? 

We are sorry to hear this, please email LEN@lboro.ac.uk and we can help!

4. Can I vote for multiple businesses? 

Unfortunately not, this is a competition and the nature of this one is that we have to select one winner for each category. Thank you for your support, we know it's tough.