Freelancer Programme

The Freelancer Programme is brought to you by the Loughborough Enterprise Network. It has been specifically designed for those wanting to start-up a freelancer business and work for themselves.

Freelancers work in a range of professions, for example artists, designers, photographers, make-up artists, copywriters, digital marketing gurus, and you can find freelancers in most industries.

For some freelancing can be a full-time profession, but for others, it can be an opportunity to turn their skills and talents into a profit-making venture as a ‘side hustle’.

Piloting this year with School of Design and Creative Arts, The Freelancer Programme is dedicated to supporting Loughborough University Students to actively pursue a freelancing lifestyle.

Through bespoke freelance events, 1 to 1 mentoring and access to key freelance resources, we equip you with the tools and support to work for yourself and run a freelance company!

Apply now for your chance to join this innovative programme and equip yourself with the skills to help you succeed.

The deadline for applications is 31th October, 12pm BST.

The freelancer programme begins on the 25th of November 2020, see below for the full schedule.

Eligibility criteria:

• Must be a student of Loughborough University studying in the School of Design and Creative Arts
• Must be interested in pursuing a freelance career after graduation
• Must be committed to attending all of the scheduled sessions (See dates on the timeline image above)
• Must be committed to self-development and implementing the learnings taught throughout the programme

Due to this being the pilot programme we can only accept a limited number of freelancers onto this programme. Applications will be competitive and reviewed by the Loughborough Enterprise Network business advisors, stronger applications will demonstrate the need to develop a viable and sustainable business to continue to work on after the programme and graduation. 

The deadline for applications is 31st October, 12pm BST.

As part of our commitment to supporting our placement students this programme will be piloted in semester 1 of academic year 2020/2021, therefore we encourage those who are still looking for a placement or have a placement which may start at a later point this or next calendar year to apply. The Freelancer Programme is recognised Part I supplementary activity which contributes to towards a placement diploma.

But please note that we aim to roll out the programme to all of our students, schools and in the future our graduates after the pilot. So keep an eye on this website and sign up to our newsletter to hear about the success of the programme and our next steps. 


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