Freelancer Programme

The Freelancer Programme is brought to you by the Loughborough Enterprise Network. It has been specifically designed for those wanting to start-up a freelancer business and work for themselves.

Freelancers work in a range of professions, to name a few; artists, designers, photographers, make-up artists, copywriters, digital marketing gurus, and freelancers that span across all industries. Freelancing can be a full-time profession, but for others, it can be an opportunity to make turn their skills and talents into a profit.

Designed specifically for our School of Design and Creative Arts the Freelancer Programme is dedicated to supporting Loughborough University Students to actively pursue a freelancing lifestyle. Through bespoke freelance events, 1 to 1 mentoring and access to key freelance resources, we equip you with the tools and support to work for yourself and run a freelance company!

Apply now for your chance to join this innovative programme and equip yourself with the skills to succeed in any industry.

Eligibility criteria:

• Must be a student of Loughborough University studying in the School of Design and Creative Arts
• Must be interested in pursuing a freelance career after graduation
• Must be committed to attending all of the scheduled sessions
• Must be committed to self-development and implementing the learnings taught throughout the programme

Due to this being the pilot programme we can only accept a limited number of freelancers onto this programme. Applications will be competitive and reviewed by the Loughborough Enterprise Network business advisors, stronger applications will demonstrate the need to develop a viable and sustainable business to continue to work on after the programme and graduation.


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