Student handbook

Undergraduate and Postgraduate Taught programmes

Arrangements for Opting Out of In-Person Teaching

Arrangements for Postgraduate taught students opting-out of in-person teaching, and Undergraduate students with approved remote study because of exceptional and serious health concerns.

  1. Available only where there are no essential in person elements of teaching (further details here)
  2. Students will have access to all the usual teaching materials on Learn for each of their modules (recorded lectures, reading lists, additional Learn material provided by the module leader) plus teaching which has moved from in person to on-line as a result of the pandemic. The latter will be a mixture of “on demand” recorded material and live interactive sessions through MS Teams which will take place during UK working hours with recordings available via Learn.
  3. Students will be able to contact staff with general queries about their modules or the programme as a whole in the normal way (usually by email).
  4. Students will have access to recordings of some in person teaching but this will depend on the nature of the in person teaching offered on the module and will not be designed specifically for on-line learning.
  5. Teaching offered in person will either be offered in dual mode ( in person and online simultaneously) or online only groups will be scheduled. Where neither of these are possible, in person sessions will usually be recorded and made available on Learn. Exceptionally, if recording is not feasible/appropriate due to the nature of the session, staff will provide material specifically for students studying remotely.
  6. The number of hours of in person teaching is dependent on the University’s assessment of health and safety requirements as well as government restrictions and may have to change at short notice.
  7. Mitigating circumstances claims based on opting out of in—person teaching will not be considered valid so remote learning is undertaken at the student’s own risk in academic terms.
  8. Students will need appropriate internet connectivity and device availability (see below).
  9. Professional Services support will generally be available on a remote basis.
  10. Students will need to apply to opt-out of in-person learning before their in-person sessions are due to take place).
  11. If remote learning is agreed there will be no reduction to the tuition fee or special arrangements made in relation to accommodation contracts with the University.
  12. If you complete your entire programme without having attended in-person teaching sessions, you should check that your degree will be recognised in your home country and/or by any professional bodies which are relevant to your future career aspirations.
  13. If you undertake and complete your entire programme online and in your own country, you may be liable to pay tax to your tax authority. If you are concerned that there is a risk that you may incur a tax liability we suggest that you should consult with your tax advisors or the tax authority.
  14. If the University is sponsoring your Student Visa (formerly Tier 4) and you intend to complete your programme entirely online, this sponsorship will cease and you will not be eligible to work in the UK following completion of your studies without a new visa. You will not be eligible to apply for the Graduate Route visa.

Essential IT for Remote Learning

Personal Devices (mobile phones are not recommended) should meet the following requirements:

  • Windows devices should run Windows 10
  • MacBooks should be able to run a minimum of MacOS 10.14
  • Web browsers should be up to date for the best experience
  • Modules on some programmes may have additional requirements (e.g. to run specialist software)

IT Services provide further information and advice on choosing IT kit for study at

Broadband connection: A reliable broadband internet connection offering at least 10Mbs is recommended.

Students based in China will need to be aware that different provinces regularly change their firewall rules.