Student handbook

Undergraduate and Postgraduate Taught programmes

Studying Remotely in 2021/22

Note: You must not breach requirements to self isolate or quarantine in order to attend in person teaching. If you are unexpectedly unable to attend due to such a requirement, contact your School administration team as soon as possible.

UPDATED 05/02/2022

In-person teaching is a significant element in the Loughborough student experience. Our teaching delivery is based on providing as much in-person delivery as we can. We therefore normally expect students on all programmes (apart from those specifically designed for distance learning) to be able to attend classes in-person on our campuses.

Many of our programmes include essential in-person elements, using on campus laboratories, studios or IT facilities or may include fieldwork activities.

We take our health and safety responsibilities very seriously and arrangements for in person delivery will be reviewed regularly in light of any changes to local or national guidance related to management of the pandemic.

However, we recognise that the current situation means that for some of our students it might not be possible to attend in-person teaching. Taking into account academic requirements, we have made the following arrangements:

Undergraduate students

We expect all undergraduate students to attend their studies in-person. However, if you have exceptional and serious health-related issues (mental or physical health) which mean in-person teaching might put you at significant risk we may be able to support you to study remotely. Some programmes cannot be studied remotely at all and some programmes can only be studied remotely using specific module choices.

Please be aware that specific criteria apply, applications must be supported by evidence from a relevant professional and will only be approved in exceptional circumstances. Applications will be considered by academic Schools on the recommendation of the Student Wellbeing and Inclusivity team, after which Schools will assess each request to determine whether remote study can be supported given the student’s selection of modules.

You will not be able to study remotely because of the health concerns of a family member or other person with whom you live. There will be no reduction in tuition fees for studying remotely.

If remote study is approved for Semester two, staff will aim to provide you with support to cover the content of in person teaching which you have missed where this is not available to you live online via MS Teams or via a recording in Learn, however you should be aware that it may not be possible to offer access to live MS Teams sessions where the class is timetabled to be held in-person.

Please be aware that if you are studying a module which will be assessed by an in-person examination at the end of semester 2 you will be expected to attend that examination in-person. 

You may apply here for permission to study remotely in Semester two on the grounds of exceptional health- related issues, using your University IT Credentials.

Postgraduate Taught students 

Based on the latest advice from the UK Government, the University expects to continue to deliver our teaching in-person, and therefore there are no arrangements to deliver the second semester online. You may find it helpful to review the University’s arrangements for teaching; we have been delivering in-person teaching during the pandemic for over 18 months and there are no reported cases of transmission where our protocols have been followed. 

If you are unable to continue your studies in-person, you are advised to contact your School Administrative Team as soon as possible to discuss your circumstances and the options available to you.

Note:  if you need to self-isolate, you do not need to apply for remote study. You should, however, report that you are self-isolating to Connect and Protect.