Student handbook

Undergraduate and Postgraduate Taught programmes

Failure to Participate

Under the terms of Regulation IX, where a Dean of School considers that a student is failing to participate adequately in their programme of study, they can initiate a process to terminate the student’s studies for failure to participate. The full process is detailed in paragraphs 22-25 of the Regulation, and requires the student to be provided with formal written warnings, setting out the actions required of the student for adequate participation, prior to any decision to terminate.

Students whose studies are terminated for failure to participate have a right to appeal against the decision within 10 working days. The appeal process is detailed in paragraphs 26-28 of Regulation IX. Appeals should be supported by evidence, and may be made on the following grounds:

  1. that there are mitigating circumstances relating to ill health or personal difficulties which the student was not in a position to raise at an earlier stage;
  2. that the information held by the School/Department relating to the student's participation is incomplete or inaccurate and the student was not in a position to correct this information at an earlier stage;
  3. that there is evidence of prejudice or bias on the part of the School/Department.

Students wishing to appeal against the termination of their studies for failure to participate under Regulation IX should use the Appeal form linked below.