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Now open for 20/21! Deadline Friday 14th May 2021

T S Shipman Prizes

About the T S Shipman Prize

This prize comes from a prize fund presented to the University by the T S Shipman Trust, established by Mr T S Shipman, joint Managing Director of A A Jones and Shipman, Leicester. A A Jones and Shipman were one of the largest machine tool manufacturers in Britain in the 1960s.

A prize or prizes to the individual value of £200 may be awarded to students of the University or Colleges in recognition of acts of kindness or good neighbourliness in the community. Special consideration will be given to students who are considered to have contributed most to the development of co-operation and aid between the University or Colleges and the local community. The prize(s) may be awarded to an individual student, specific groups of students or student households.

Nominating for the prize

Individuals who are primarily and originally registered as students of the University may be considered for the prizes. However individuals who are primarily and originally employed by the University will normally be excluded from consideration due to the nature of the prize.

Nominate a student using the T S Shipman Prize Nomination Form, returning it to with the word 'Prize' in the subject line of your email.