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Loughborough Experience Awards

The Loughborough Experience Awards were set up in 2005 by the executive of the Students' Union who wished to recognise, and reward the students who put a lot of effort into life at Loughborough. It was felt that the atmosphere around Loughborough, created by the most active students, is a contributing factor in making Loughborough one of the best Universities to come to. The Experience Awards look to give something back to the students who give a lot during their time here.

The panel receives nominations from a wide range of people connected with Loughborough, be they sabbatical officers, hall chairs, hall wardens, academics, or regular students. These nominations are brought together and each one is discussed for their individual merits. The panel looks for selflessness, attitude, impact of the nominees activities, and variation in activities.

There will be between 7 and 12 winners decided, all of which will receive a prize and their name in the degree programme. Out of those winners, an overall winner shall be decided who has contributed the most, and made the most impact. They shall be awarded the Sir David Wallace Trophy for extreme achievement.