Student handbook

How we use your data


If you have provided the name of a member of staff as a referee, the University interprets you as having given your consent for the disclosure of personal information in the form of a reference. As a matter of good practice, you are encouraged to inform people if you intend to cite them as a referee.

Third party degree verifications

From 9 March 2021

Loughborough University have partnered with the Hedd (Higher Education Degree Datacheck) online verification service for all 3rd party degree verification requests. The online candidate verification service allows registered enquirers to input data provided by applicants (name, date of birth, institution, year of graduation, qualification classification etc). 

Enquirers will need to register with Hedd by visiting Select 'Loughborough University' from the list of UK higher education institutions and choose the option to 'verify a degree award'. There is a charge of £12 per enquiry. Enquirers will also be required to upload a signed consent form.

Please note that any verification requests after this date will only be responded to via Hedd.

If you require further assistance, please email