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How we use your data

How we use your data

The University collects and processes information about students for various teaching, research and administrative purposes, including the health, safety and welfare of individuals. You are given the opportunity to opt out of various categories of processing on your registration form but you should consider the implications of opting out carefully.

The below information should be read alongside the Student Privacy Notice.

Student confidentiality

All personal information will be treated strictly in terms of the UK GDPR & Data Protection Act 2018. This means that confidentiality will be respected and that all appropriate security measures will be taken to prevent unauthorised disclosure. Personal information is used for stated purposes only and you will be advised of any changes.

Some of the personal information processed by the University is classed as sensitive "special category" data under the UK GDPR (for example, racial or ethnic origin, religious or philosophical beliefs, sexual orientation, health information etc). Appropriate security will be in place to ensure that information (such as medical certificates) is retained confidentially and kept no longer than is necessary. You are entitled to have access to and/or request a copy of the information held about you to ensure that it is accurate, up-to-date, and that it is being dealt with properly.

Keeping your data up-to-date

The University does all it can to ensure that data remain accurate and up-to-date. It is important that you inform us of any changes to your personal information and that we have valid contact details for you throughout your studies.  You can update address information, emergency contact details, data usage preferences and more at the Student Self-Service portal. 

Third party providers

The University will not usually release information to third parties (including family members) without your consent. In order to allow us to disclose information to your chosen third parties you can provide us with a data release password (either on your registration form or by contacting the Student Office). You may then provide that password to a third party and tell them to quote it whenever they contact the University about you.

Further information

Usage of data

What happens to my information after I graduate?

Provision of References - Like other universities we archive student records after graduation, in order to be able to confirm requests from prospective employers, provide references etc.

Alumni - Details are also passed to our Alumni Office so that we can keep in touch with former students.

Careers and Employability Centre - About six months after you have left the University, you may receive a questionnaire from the Careers and Employability Centre about your career or other activities at that time, and the relevance of the course you undertook. If we do not receive a reply, somebody from the Careers and Employability Centre may telephone the number you gave the University in the hope of speaking to you, but we are authorised to accept information from a third party such as a near relative. If you object to this, you should contact the Careers and Employability Centre to prevent it. The University is obliged to collect data on employment for HESA, the Government's statistics agency (see section on Statutory Disclosures above). The data will be analysed by HESA and published without your name being associated with it. The information you supply will also be stored and analysed by the Careers and Employability Centre at Loughborough and will be used to assist future students to make informed career choices. The University, too, will benefit in its course planning and general development. There may also be other occasions on which the Careers and Employability Centre has cause to contact you for further destination information as requested by Government and related bodies.

You can find further information about the Data Protection Act on our Data Privacy pages.

You can raise any queries on these issues either within your department or directly with the University Data Protection Officer. Your Departmental Student Handbook may contain further information about data protection.