Graduate Attributes

Caring, ethical and with integrity

Globally minded, thriving in diversity.

This attribute is very important and at Loughborough it pervades everything we do. Many of you will have chosen to study here because you had heard about how we do things as well as what we do ie. with passion, pride, loyalty and integrity. Employers actively seek applicants with these attributes, and those with a positive understanding of other countries and cultures.

Being globally-minded means being culturally curious and seeking out a diversity of perspectives; being non-judgemental and promoting acceptance and equality of opportunity.

What does it mean to be caring and have integrity?

That’s a good question. It’s sometimes easier to identify those who don’t have these qualities. But you know whether you and others live up to these expectations - people who are loyal, honest and fair and who care about the welfare of everyone, not just their close friends.

How can I develop this attribute?

By being a part of the Loughborough community, helping others and being aware of your impact, ensuring it is positive rather than negative. You could also take up opportunities to work, interact and learn from students from other cultures.

You can:

  • Volunteer on Action or RAG projects with the Students’ Union or your hall
  • Get involved and support other students
  • Be a student ambassador or programme representative
  • Link with students from other countries and cultures
  • Learn from others and other places and be better

'You can spend 6-12 months living independently in a new country, experiencing new cultures and gaining an appreciation of how different people live their lives.’
Luke Starr, third year Sport and Exercise Science student