Graduate Attributes

Agile lifelong learner

“Wisdom is not a product of schooling but of the lifelong attempt to acquire it.” Albert Einstein

Rounded and grounded.

Being rounded and grounded and keen to update your knowledge and skills through continued learning will help you thrive in your studies and your career.

After many years of learning in school and at university graduates might be forgiven for thinking they have learnt enough. However we live in a changing world and our students need to be prepared for ongoing learning. Many of the graduate jobs today didn’t exist 10 years ago, and many of the jobs we’ll be doing in the future simply haven’t yet been conceived – they will be new job roles requiring new skills, so future career success depends on being willing to continue to learn new skills and being an agile, life-long learner.

‘Rounded and grounded’ is another phrase employers often use when describing Loughborough students and graduates. This reflects the wide range of skills and behaviours that our students develop, and a sensible and practical approach to applying those skills. It’s a kind of shorthand for people who are good to have around in most situations.

What does it mean to be an agile lifelong learner?

As a life long learner you are self motivated to keep learning. You are thirsty for knowledge and constantly seek to understand new concepts and will adapt your skill set to address any new situation. This adaptability, along with your ability to obtain new knowledge and experiences, is what makes you agile - a necessity for a changing world. The Loughborough experience offers you the opportunity to develop a broad knowledge base and a broad outlook, helping you to become a rounded and grounded person.

How can I develop this attribute?

Be curious! Read widely to broaden your horizons. Identify and follow ‘future thinkers’ on blogs, twitter and LinkedIn. Seek out a mentor to discuss your skills and professional development with. Embrace change and the opportunities for learning new things that the change will bring.

You can:

  • Connect and network with alumni mentors on Lboro Connect (from 24th October 2016)
  • Set up a Twitter and Linked In profile to create a professional network
  • Get involved in a variety of activities
  • Read lots and widely
  • Link with students and alumni from other countries and cultures

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