Graduate Attributes

Active participant

Positively engaged.

Your time at University will present you with lots of opportunities to build a network of friends, colleagues and mentors who you will engage, share opinions and learn to positively collaborate with.

Being an active participant means positively engaging with your studies and extra-curricular activities throughout your time at University to broaden your own horizons, develop skills and support others. A student who aims to go beyond their course and so makes the most of their Loughborough experience will leave with more than just their qualification, and be more employable as a result.

What does it mean to be an active participant?

An active participant sees the value and makes the most of every opportunity. You will be able to positively engage with the available options and experiences, build relationships, and make a contribution to reaching shared goals.

How can I develop this attribute?

Involve yourself in a range of different activities that the University has to offer and be fully committed to the role that you play within them. Develop good planning skills to ensure that you do not miss deadlines when you have a number of different responsibilities.

You can:

  • Volunteer with ACTION
  • Raise money for charity with RAG
  • Put 100% effort into everything you do
  • Become an ambassador for the roles that you undertake
  • Join a sports team
  • Create or join a society
  • Undertake a role within the LSU

“I have never met a group of people who donate so much of their free time to bettering the lives of others than within the four walls of LSU… and the level of student passion is the reason we are number one for student experience.” Charlie Dale, 2016 Loughborough Experience Award winner