Graduate Attributes

About the attributes

Employers, alumni, staff and students helped to define these core attributes. We think they are representative of our students and alumni and express the distinctiveness of the Loughborough experience for both undergraduate and post-graduate students, in Leicestershire and at our London campus.

With a wide range of opportunities to enhance skills and behaviours, both within the academic experience and in the diverse range of extra-curricular activities, every Loughborough student has the chance to develop and identify their own distinctive profile of attributes.

Together we also agreed that pride, principle and passion underpin almost everything our students and staff do. We have pride in our application and achievements; are principled in how we do things and in our interaction with others; and tend to be passionate about pretty much everything!


  • consider each attribute and think about how you can enhance and evidence your own skills and strengths.
  • look at the case studies of student and graduate experiences for inspiration and suggestions.
  • develop your confidence and ability to articulate your own attributes to help you achieve the future you seek.


The Loughborough Graduate Attributes framework provides a common language and a toolkit for both students and staff to talk about key skills and behaviours

  • use the attributes to help students recognise and reflect on their skills.
  • refer to the attributes in modules and tutor meetings.
  • enable students and staff to discuss skills and personal development in the same way

Hundreds of employers target Loughborough University as they know that our students tend to have developed skills and attributes which provide a superb foundation for career growth and personal success.

Loughborough University – life-changing student experiences, inspiring success.