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UK/EU Undergraduates

UK/EU Undergraduate Tuition Fees and Course Costs


Academic Year  Annual Tuition feeSandwich/placement year 
2018/19 £9,250 20% of the Full-Time Undergraduate Fee

Tuition fees are one of the main costs of studying at university. At Loughborough your tuition fees cover a variety costs including the teaching of lectures, tutorials and lab sessions, and access to study and personal support facilities. They also contribute to the running of a vibrant student community and providing the leading student experience in England. 

Loughborough University will charge full-time new and continuing UK/EU students (including Isle of Man and the Channel Islands) tuition fees of £9,250 in 2017-18. This applies to all undergraduate programmes and the Foundation Studies course. Fees are reviewed annually and are likely to increase to take into account inflationary pressures. If you take a sandwich or placement year, the fee for that year will be 20% of the full fee charged the year in which you take your placement.

The annual fee is due at the start of each academic year of your studies but most students choose to take out a student loan to cover this cost and delay repayment until they have graduated and they are earning a salary.

Late Registration Fee

A late registration fee of £100 may be levied on:

  • New students who have not registered with the University by the end of the first week of their programme
  • Returning students who have not registered by the end of week one of Semester One
  • Students who have missed the published deadline for registering for reassessment

Late Module Registration Fee

A late module registration fee of £100 may be levied on students who wish to change their module registration more than two weeks after the start of the relevant semester.

Fees for undertaking Reassessment

If you do not pass a module at the first attempt, you have the right to be reassessed in each module on one occasion only. You may choose to be reassessed with or without attendance. You will be charged a reassessment fee which is calculated on a per-credit basis.

If as a result of mitigating circumstances, you are permitted to be reassessed as a first attempt, you may also choose to take the assessment again with or without attendance. In both these cases, you will not be charged a fee.