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Postgraduate Research

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Paying your fees

You will be invoiced shortly after commencing your course and annually thereafter.  If you do not receive an invoice as expected or have any questions regarding your tuition fees, please contact pgresearch@lboro.ac.uk

Details of how to pay your tuition fees are provided on the Finance website.

Your regular statements will include details of when your fees must be paid. If you do not pay your fees on time you should expect to be contacted by the University’s Finance Department and asked to make arrangements to pay your overdue fees.

Under Regulation XVI, if your tuition fees are not paid then your results will not be published, and you will not be permitted to progress in your studies, or graduate, until the outstanding fees are settled.  If your registration is suspended because of unpaid tuition fees for more than 12 months you will usually have your registration terminated.

Award holders: If you are in receipt of a University studentship which will cover all or part of your tuition fees, the University will make arrangements for payment to be made automatically.