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Fee Status Assessment

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Fee Status Assessment - "Am I UK/EU or international?"

All students are classified as either UK/EU or International for the purposes of tuition fees. The University is required to assess all applicants as to which category they fall into based on guidelines set out by the UK government.

Why have I been sent a Fee Status Questionnaire?

For most applicants, we are able to make this decision based on the original application form. However, in some cases, we may need to request further information and documentary evidence to ensure that the correct decision is made.

Fee Status decisions are taken separately from academic decisions related to the application.

Completing the Fee Status Questionnaire

If you are sent a Fee Status Questionnaire, you will need to complete all compulsory sections as well as any other relevant sections. Please take time to read the notes carefully. It is important to complete the questionnaire as thoroughly as possible so that the University can make an accurate and quick decision.

As well as completing the form, you will need to provide evidence such as a copy of the Photo Page of your Passport – please read guidance notes within the form as to what evidence is required.

If the questionnaire is not completed correctly or the required documentary evidence is missing, we may need to contact you for further clarification.  This will delay the decision on your Fee Status as well as potentially preventing us from communicating the academic decision on your application.

How is my Fee Status decided?

Once we have received your Fee Status Questionnaire and supporting evidence, these will be assessed by a trained member of either the Admissions Team or Research Office in accordance with guidelines set out by the UK Council for International Student Affairs (UKCISA).

Fee Status is dependent on a variety of factors, including (but not limited to), nationality, immigration status and ‘ordinary residence’ and all relevant factors will be taken into account in the University’s decision. The University aims to make fair and accurate judgments at all times.

Please note that fee status requirements are open to the interpretation of individual Universities and in some cases, a decision by one University will not necessarily correspond to, or have bearing on, a decision of another University. 

Who is entitled to UK/EU Tuition Fees?

The relevant categories detailing eligibility for UK/EU fees are defined by the UK government. Full details of these can be found on the UKCISA website at the following links:

What if I don’t agree with the Fee Status Assessment?

Once a decision has been taken, if you wish for clarification on your fee status or you wish to appeal the decision, the first step is to email the relevant admissions office to request informal feedback:

Undergraduate and Art Foundation: Admissions@lboro.ac.uk

Postgraduate Taught: PGTaught@Lboro.ac.uk

Postgraduate Research: PGResearch@Lboro.ac.uk

If following this feedback, you are still unhappy with the decision that has been taken, you should follow the University’s Appeals and Complaints procedure.

It is important to raise any query relating to your fee status prior to accepting your offer at the University. We will only consider changes to your tuition fee category after this point if there is a good reason why you were not able to draw relevant circumstances to our attention, or submit relevant evidence, at the time you accepted our offer. This is outlined in the Terms and Conditions of Study. Fee status can only be changed part way through a course for very specific reasons.

For information about when fee status can change once the course has started or about further steps that can be taken if you are not happy with the University’s decision on your Fee Status please visit the relevant section of the UKCISA website.

I haven’t applied yet. How can I find out my fee status?

We are unable to carry out fee status assessments prior to application. If you want to find out further information on your likely fee status, please visit the appropriate section of the UKCISA website at the following links: