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The challenges

Higher education in the 21st Century

As we continue to move through the evolving higher education environment, we must ensure Loughborough remains in a position to anticipate and respond to change.

  • Increased globalisation of higher education 

    In the face of increased worldwide competition, the development of strategic international partnerships will be crucial to our success.

  • New providers and new technologies 

    New providers are entering the marketplace and new technologies are being employed, changing the traditional higher education experience.

  • Increasing student expectations 

    The advent of higher fees has increased students’ expectations.

  • Greater competition for students and staff 

    There is greater freedom of choice for prospective students, with in-demand universities most able to expand and attract the best quality staff.

  • Shifts in the funding environment 

    The introduction of higher undergraduate tuition fees, cuts in HEFCE teaching funding, and a desire to create a market in higher education have altered the landscape significantly. There are particular funding pressures in high-cost areas such as science and engineering.

    Research funding is also increasingly focused on the very highest quality work, with greater emphasis placed on the impact of research and more funding devoted to large, collaborative ventures.

  • External economic factors 

    The external economic environment has substantially changed and the role of universities in stimulating economic growth has become increasingly important.