The LUFBUG - an apocryphal depiction of the average Loughborough Uni cyclist

Information about LUFBUG and Cycling in Loughborough

'The University is committed to ensuring that its transport needs are met on a sustainable basis. Cycling can play an important role in achieving this, as well as offering many other benefits to both the individual and the community.'

LUFBUG seeks to ensure that this philosophy, as stated in the University document "Cycling on campus", is translated into practical action to improve conditions for cyclists on campus and to encourage more University staff and students to cycle. We encourage all sections of the University to adopt cycle-friendly policies and  practices, and maintain regular contact with Estates Services in particular.

The LUFBUG Co-ordinator sits on the Charnwood Cycle Consultative Committee, where cycling activists meet with the local authorities with the aim of improving conditions for cycling in the Borough. LUFBUG is represented on the GoCycle group, which is about University and town cycling initiatives and awareness co-ordination. LUFBUG also occasionally organises rides and other events, for instance during the University's Environment Week.

Communication among members is mainly by email, but the LUFBUG Blog will be listing random bike-related bits as and when the webmaster finds it. The LUFBUG Co-ordinator sends out email updates rather irregularly, and you are invited to contact him ( with any concerns you have relating to cycling on campus or around Loughborough, any ideas for improving matters, or offers of help or blog content.

You can subscribe to the LUFBUG mailing list by emailing with subscribe lufbug (and nothing else) in the main body of the message.

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