Thought leadership

Look beyond the corporate sphere to learn from our world class coaches, practitioners and athletes. Our tailor made executive coach master classes combine practical and classroom based workshops to immerse your team into what drives high performance sport.

Optimum Performance

To enhance your personal and professional development, learn about some of the key factors in developing successful performance

Goal Setting

Goal setting is an essential part of the process and vision required to achieve success. Our elite sports performers share their stories of effective goal setting and how they bounce back when they don’t meet their goals.

Performing Under Pressure

Sport, like business, requires key repetitive functions and processes to be achieved flawlessly, often with time constraints. Learn what it takes to bring your best performance when it counts by engaging with our performance sport cohort.

Planning For Repeated Success

What makes winners win, over and over again? Tap into our experts and draw parallels between our world and yours.

Mental Attitude for Success

Whether you are rising to new challenges, managing stress or enhancing decision making, learn how sports psychology can support an athlete’s mental attitude to increase confidence, focus, motivation and resilience.

Creating a High Performance Environment

Immerse your team in our world class sporting facilities with our coaches and athletes as you learn what is required for people to perform at their best

Organisational Culture

Achieving optimum performance is reliant on creating the right environment where success is inevitable. Learn from our performance leaders how we create an environment which focuses on the needs of world class athletes and the support services they draw upon.

‘Better Never Stops’

A performance environment is not always a cosy place to be; it sometimes requires difficult conversations. As a leader you need to build trust and provide a positive environment to enable everyone to be at their best and make appropriate decisions. Learn how we strive to get the right balance of support and challenge to achieve our goals.

Coaching and Mentoring

Coaching provides the opportunity to get the best out of people in a collaborative and supportive environment. The recognition of when coaching is required is essential to its success and when it is carried out effectively, significant improvements can be made in a short period of time. Work with our coaches across a number of different sports to learn how it can be done most effectively.

Talent Identification & Development

How to identify talent and predict potential. From a sporting perspective, learn about creating an environment for progressing talent and the factors that can affect development.

Wellbeing for Performance

Learn how sports people strive for optimum mental, and physical health to promote increased efficiency on a daily basis.

Performance Health & Nutrition

Understand the importance of looking after yourself to maintain resilience and be at your best every day, particularly when under stress or in a demanding work environment. We will help you look at optimal every day nutrition, energy balance, hydration, sleep and physical conditioning.

Personal Fitness

Work with our experts who design bespoke programmes for world class athletes through to group training sessions. Participate in a variety of offers, from one-to-ones and mobility training through to strength and conditioning, boxing or weightlifting sessions.

Physiology Testing

Learn how sports scientist support athletes in optimizing their physical health through physiology testing, including assessments of lactate thresholds and VO2max, and how this translates to practical feedback and training advice. Try your own individual test.

Performance Lifestyle

Work with our professionals who support athletes in their personal and professional development through services designed to help each one create the unique environment necessary for their success. The team can help you enhance performance through sessions focusing on goal setting, nutrition, supporting well-being, personality profiling, use of language and 360 degree feedback.

Journeys to Success

Immerse yourself and your team into our sporting ecosystem

GB Athlete Q+A Sessions

Join one of our elite athletes as they share their journey to success and welcome questions from your team.

Iconic Coaches and Leaders

Engage with our performance leaders and coaches to understand how they lead teams effectively, focus on performance inputs, effect successful change and use a values driven approach.

Women in Leadership

Hear about the journeys of our female leaders and performance coaches working in elite performance environments and male sporting cultures. We can share our experiences of success and help you draw comparisons to your own industry or working environment.