Kukri is Loughborough Sport's Official Sportswear Partner

Kukri are a British bespoke teamwear specialist, producing unique garments for over 20 years across the globe.

Kukri use their many years of experience to support physical activity at all levels, regardless of ability, age or gender. Bespoke teamwear forms a unique part of an individual’s sporting story and represents a lasting link with their time in sport. Every individual has the ability to build their own sporting legacy. Kukri Sports provides sportswear that inspires as well as performs. 

In 2018, Kukri took their bespoke expertise and developed a performance range that met the needs of the modern athlete and garments that students wanted to wear off campus, as much as they did on it.

In partnership with Loughborough, Kukri launched their performance core range, with a directive to develop garments that performed at the highest level but met the everyday needs of the students.

“We take pride in the long-term partnership developed with the University, that has now spanned over a decade. As Loughborough has developed into one of the world’s leading Universities for Sport, we have striven to develop our capabilities with it. 

The strength of Loughborough’s multi-sport capabilities has been the cornerstone of its success in BUCS competitions. We’re delighted that our ability to provide performance garments for every sport plays a part in the Universities accomplishments on the sports field.”

Chris Marshall, Sales Director, GB & Europe