Swimming pool timetable

We have a session for everyone!

Public swim sessions

At Loughborough University Swimming Pool, we don’t just facilitate elite level swimming and club activities. We also provide a great range and availability of public swimming sessions in the form of Recreational Swimming, Lane Swimming and Swimming Classes which benefit the community as a whole.

Our Recreational, Lane Swim and Aqua Jogging sessions are all included in the cost of a Swimming Pool or Gym membership. These sessions are also available to non members on a pay-per-session basis.

Aqua aerobics

Aqua or Water Aerobics is a motivational workout that takes place in the swimming pool, using water as a resistance doing a range of aerobic movements to tone and strengthen the body whilst having fun. 

This session is avaliable at no additional cost for those with a gym membership. None members can purchase fitness or class credits, or pay for the class on a pay as you go basis. Payment is required at the time of booking.

Swimming Courses

We deliver a high quality swimming programme for children as well as adults. Our children's swimming lessons follow the ASA National Learn to Swim programme ensuring they deliver the very highest standard of teaching and following an up-to-date syllabus with clearly defined progression levels. Our adult swimming lessons are taught in an informal, relaxed and friendly environment. The instructor works individually with each person to achieve their personal swimming goals.