Superbike pre-season performance support packages

Loughborough Sport are offering a supported performance pre-season, designed to comprehensively prepare riders for the physical requirements of the race season. We will analyse your physical status in detail and tailor a programme to accelerate your performance into the season ahead.

Performance Pre-Season Package

Preview and Review Consultation Sessions

Pre and Post Pre-Season consultation sessions will be arranged with your fitness and strength coaches, to identify areas important for your race performance. Training programmes will be designed aligned with the key objectives identified.

Pre & Post 12 Week Physiology & Strength Testing

Performance Centre Assessment Days will be arranged to assess your baseline fitness and strength levels to identify strengths and weaknesses in your physical profile. The performance profile established will be used to design your training programme and then re-assessed at the end of the 12 week programme.

12 Week Strength and Conditioning Programming

A 12-week fitness and conditioning programme will be designed based on preview consultation and assessment results.

3 Performance Centre Strength and Conditioning Visits

If possible, 3 performance centre visits will be arranged with a supported S&C session to ensure training is being performed effectively and progressed appropriately.

Monthly 30 Minutes Catch Ups

You will be supported throughout pre-season by your fitness and strength coaches, a monthly catch up will be arranged to ensure training is progressing as intended.


We have planned the pre-season to align with the BSB season, an indicitative programme is:

  1. Athlete pre-season consultation meetings - Novemeber 
  2. Pre-season testing visits - December
  3. Programming to start - December - January
  4. Review testing - March
  5. Review meetings - March
  6. First BSB testing day - March

Additional Services

There is also opportunity to intertwine nutrition, physiotherapy, sports therapy and performance psychology services into your pre-season support. If you are interested in additional services or creating a more bespoke pre-season then please include this when you register your interest. 


The charge for the full performance pre-season as laid out above is £400 per month (£1200 total).  

Register your interest

We believe our services will provide the most comprehensive physical preparation for the 2022 season. If you would be interested in joining us for your 2022 pre-season, please complete the below form to register your interest.