Tennis Programme

Person, Performer and Player development will be integrated into the overall programme and prioritised at the Loughborough University National Tennis Academy.

This will be delivered via a comprehensive and progressive player development and academic plan specific to each athlete (individual development plan – IDP). This will include an annualised plan, incorporating the appropriate volume and level of competitive opportunities and training/development blocks and provision.

Each individual will be placed at the heart of their own development; the athlete and parents will be guided and advised by our multidisciplinary team (MDT) and empowered to learn from their experiences to develop into the best person, performer and player they can become.

Due to the age of our players and their maturation and transitional phases; we believe it is imperative that the athlete’s personal, social and holistic development is at the core of this plan.  The coaching and support team will create a vibrant environment which equips the person, performer and player to have the knowledge, skills, confidence and competence to independently think and make decisions in high pressure situations and take increasing self-responsibility for their decisions and development.

Science and Medicine

The Loughborough University National Tennis Academy staff have access to the world class facilities and equipment on site and will work in an interdisciplinary way through a multidisciplinary team (MDT).

Each player will have a designated MDT who will be responsible for the planning, delivery, monitoring and on-going evaluation of an individualised programme that is appropriate to the age and stage of the athlete.