Coaching Courses

Loughborough Sport Tennis Centre is one of twelve new 'Coach Development Centres', working in partnership with the LTA to deliver coach education and develop the next generation of Tennis coaches. Loughborough Sport Tennis Centre is the sole provider of official LTA courses in Leicestershire, Nottinghamshire and Lincolnshire, working closely with the county associations to ensure we are active in all areas across the counties.

Level 1 – Tennis Coaching Assistant

The level 1 coaching assistant course is the starting point for people who want to get into tennis coaching and become a coaching assistant. It will train people to:

  • Plan and deliver a structured lesson under the supervision of a Level 3 Accredited+ coach.
  • Have basic knowledge of tactics, techniques and rules of tennis.
  • Have a full understanding of the structure of Mini Tennis
  • Organise tennis activity constructively and safely.
  • Duration and course structure 3 days plus 3 hours coaching experience

2021 Level 1 Course Dates :

May 8th, May 9th, and June 5th             Venue - Nottingham Trent University

May 15th, May 16th, and July 3rd          Venue - Grantham Tennis Club

May 29th, May 30th, and July 10th         Venue - Loughborough University


Level 2 – Tennis Coaching Assistant

The level 2 coaching assistant course is aimed at those who want to further improve their coaching skills from Level 1 and be able to work with beginners in a group context, without direct line of sight supervision by a Level 3 or above Accredited+ coach. It will train people to:

  • Plan and deliver a structured lesson using LTA level 2 coach resources
  • Coach beginners in group settings
  • The level 2 coaching assistant course qualifies people to:
  • Deliver beginner level coaching in a group setting in all types of venue
  • Plan and deliver structured lessons using LTA coach resources
  • Organise and facilitate competition for groups of beginners
  • Give advice on tactical and technical improvement for beginners
  • The LTA strongly recommends that a Level 2 work under the umbrella programme of a minimum of a Level 3 Accredited or Accredited+ coach, whereby the Level 3 Coach  provides regular guidance and support.
  • Duration and course structure 5 days. 4 hours coaching experience between day 2 and 3 and 4 hours coaching experience between day 4 and 5.

2021 Level 2 Course Dates :

April 24th, April 25th, May 23rd, May 30th, and June 20th        Venue - Nottingham Trent University

June 26th, June 27th, July 17th, July 18th, and August 21st     Venue - Loughborough University




Level 3 – Coach Qualification

The level 3 coach qualification course is for people who want to work full time within the tennis coaching profession. On successful completion of the coach qualification candidates will be able to:

  • Coach beginners and improvers in groups and as individuals
  • Understand the basics of business management
  • Manage the work of level 1 and 2 coaching assistants
  • Understand the competitive structure in the UK
  • The course is structured across 12 days (plus an additional assessment day delivered centrally by the LTA). Between modules coaches will be required to take specific learning outcomes and apply their coaching experiences.