Loughborough Rugby

Membership, Patronage & Sponsorship

Loughborough Rugby is a world-class centre of excellence for rugby development within the Higher Education setting.

With an unrivalled history in the game, our style of play is known to be fast paced and attacking and we pride ourselves on the action delivered on the pitch being exciting and engaging for our supporters to watch.  Along with the generations of players, coaches, support staff and volunteers that have made Loughborough Rugby what it is today, we recognise that this Club has also been built on the outstanding support we receive off pitch.

For the 21/22 season onwards we are pleased to diversify the offer for our supports to engage with the Club.  These opportunities will not only enable involvement with the Club and the ability to keep up to date with all things Loughborough Rugby but will also continue to generate vital income.

We now have three ways for our Supporters to engage with Loughborough Rugby – Membership, Sponsorship & Patronage. Please click on the links below to explore further.

Along with diversifying the offer for our supporters this season, and to recognise our former Vice Presidents scheme, we are pleased to launch our Vice Presidents Award. Further details about the award and the nomination process can be found below.

If you wish to explore further engagement opportunities that may better suit you our your business, or if you have any questions, please contact James Gallagher.