Hall Sport (IMS)

Basketball is also played in Intramural Sport (IMS) between different halls with competitions held throughout the year. This is a great way to get involved in hall life and meet new people in a fun and competitive environment.

The programme is open to all Loughborough University students so whether you are currently living in halls or are affiliated with one, you can get involved.

Basketball - Men's and Women's Leagues

No University Basketball Players

'A' grade sport

Venue: Sir David Wallace Sports Hall A & B

*Please note: men’s games will be 7 minute quarters, women’s games will be 6 minute quarters.



  1. Matches will be played under E.B.B.A. laws except as laid out in Rule 4.
  2. Fixtures must be played on the date and at the time stated.
  3. The competition will be played on a pools basis followed by a second round of pools based on finishing position in round 1.
  4. Playing time will be 4 QUARTERS OF 7 MINUTES* with 1 minute intervals, 3 mins for halftime. (A team not ready to play at the stated time will forfeit the game to their opponents). The playing clock will only be stopped for time-outs, OTHER THAN THE LAST 2 MINUTES OF EACH GAME, WHEN IT WILL STOP FOR ALL INFRINGEMENTS.
  5. A player who has committed FOUR fouls must automatically leave the game.
  6. Substitutes will number not more than five.
  7. A maximum of 2 time-outs will be allowed per team, 1 per half.
  8. Each team must provide one official at the scoring table. Failure to do so will preclude them from questioning the match score and result.
  9. Referees to be provided by the AU Basketball Club. 10. Teams lists must be handed to the scoring officials five minutes before the scheduled time of commencement.
  10. There must be a minimum of 4 players on court at the start of the game.
  11. Teams normally play in IMS Shirts, but bibs can be used from the Sports Hall stores.
  12. If the score is a tie at the end of the second half, play shall be continued for an extra period of THREE minutes. If there is still a tie at the end of three minutes play shall continue until one side scores. This side shall then be declared the winner. At the end of full time and the period of extra time, the teams shall change baskets. There shall be no interval between the periods of extra time nor shall a time-out be taken in this period. In the event of a tie in the pools, the result of the match between the tying halls will be used to break the tie. (Please ensure that the Sports Development Centre receives full results for each match)

3v3 basketball event

Points Scale ‘C’

Eligibility – No AU Basketball

Maximum of 2 men's teams and 2 women’s teams per hall.

Squads of 5 players on each team (players can NOT move between A and B teams throughout event).

A team will receive double to points of the B team.


The rules to be adopted in the programme will comply with those mandated by FIBA for ‘3 on 3’ competition and are set out below:

  • The game will be played on a half court of a regular FIBA basketball playing court.
  • Each team shall consist of a maximum of five (5) players, 3 players on the court at any time (rolling substitutions).
  • There shall be one (1) referee as the game official. In addition, other officials may include one (1) scorer/timer official, namely a scorer and a timer.
  • Before the game, a player from team A will take a 3-point shot from any place on the court behind the three-point line. If made team A shall begin the game with a throw-in opposite the scorer’s table, if not, it will be team B.
  • The regular playing time shall consist of one period of seven (TBC) minutes or the first team to 33 points.
  • If the score is tied at the end of the last period, the game shall continue with as many extra periods of one minute as is necessary to break the tie.
  • A team shall lose the game by forfeit (33:0) if two (2) minutes after the scheduled starting time the team is not present on the playing court with three (3) players ready to play
  • A team is in a penalty foul situation when it has committed four (4) fouls in a period.
  • The referee will call all fouls and decision will be final.
  • Any contact, which is extreme, or persistent, vulgar, or abusive, conducts.
  • The team must attempt a shot for a field goal within 14 seconds, which will be counted by the referee.
  • Following each successful field goal or last free throw:
  • A player from a non-scoring team will resume the game from the place directly from the court underneath the basket (not from behind the end line)
  • By passing the ball to his teammate to any place on the court. However, if that place is not behind the three-point line, the ball receiver must dribble/pass the ball to a place on the court behind the 3-point line.
  • By dribbling the ball to a place on the court behind the three-point line.
  • Once the ball is behind the three-point line, at least one additional pass must be made to a teammate before an attempt to score is made.
  • Following each unsuccessful field goal or last free throw: If the offensive team rebound the ball, it may continue to attempt the score without returning the ball to behind the three-point line.
  • If the defensive team rebound the ball, it must return the ball (by passing or dribbling) behind the three-point line.
  • Once the ball is behind the three-point line, at least one additional pass must be made to a teammate before an attempt to score is made.
  • Following the steal, turnover etc: If it happens within the two-point area, the ball must be passed/dribbled to a place behind the three-point line. Once the ball is behind the three-point line, at least one additional pass must be made to a teammate before the attempt to score is made.
  • Should the first offensive player who has dribbled/received the ball at a place behind the three-point line attempt to score, it is a violation.
  • Dunking of the ball is not permitted due to the nature of the hoops.
  • The substitution shall be permitted when the ball becomes dead.
  • There are no time-outs granted to any team at any time.

Mixed Wheelchair Basketball event

Venue: Sir David Wallace

Points Grading: C


1. Teams

  • Squads of 10
  • 6 in a team
  • 2 girls on the court at one time

2. Game length

  • 2 halves of 5 minutes
  • Running clock
  • Clock stops for time outs, free throws and last two minutes of the second half
  • 2 minutes break between halves (Flexible to scenario)

3. Scoring targets

  • All players may shoot for a basket.
  • A shot attempt is defined as the ball hitting either the basket rim or the backboard.
  • Full sized baskets (10ft)
  • 2 points inside 3 point line
  • 3 points outside 3 point line

4. Fair play

  • Players will be given a personal foul or will be instantly fouled out of the game for rough or dangerous play. The opinion of the referee will decide the extent of the punishment.
  • All players attack and defend

5. Starting and re-starting the game

  • The game is started with a ‘tap-off’ involving one player from each team within the centre circle. Any player may take the tap-off.
  • The players may tap the ball twice after the referee has tossed the ball to reach the highest point.
  • Neither of these players may catch the ball nor touch it again until it has touched the floor or another player (see BWB rules for starting game on website if further information required).
  • The second half is started by the team who lost position at the tap off (in accordance with the alternating possession rule).

6. Alternating possession

  • Teams will alternate in taking possession of the ball on every held-ball situation (two or more players per team have hands on the basketball at the same time).
  • The team that does not gain possession from the tap-off will be first to start the alternating possession process

Get involved

To compete for your hall you just need to contact one of the sport secretaries.  Email us with your name, hall and the sport you want to play in.  

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