A Covid-Safe Clinic

We are pleased to advice that the clinic is now open again following the national lockdown. Things will be a little different to what you're used to however, so please read the info below to see what changes we've made.

To ensure the safety of both our patients and staff in the clinic, we have developed a new process that all patients will need to follow before, during and after their visit. During the current restrictions, patients can still book for all of our services.


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Before you arrive:

To book an appointment, please call the clinic on 01509 226240.

When you arrive:

1. Report to Powerbase reception and complete a temperature check
2. Provided your temperature is 37.7 or below, you will be asked to proceed directly to our clinic reception on the 1st floor - follow the signs for Loughborough University Physiotherapy Clinic
3. The clinician will then lead the patient (keeping social distance) to the designated treatment area
4. The patient will be asked to use the hand gel provided on entering and leaving the clinic
5. The patients will be instructed to leave the clinic area out of the nominated door and turn right, exiting down the stairwell at the top of the corridor
6. Patients are to wear their own face mask/covering for treatment

Further Information

We have increased social distancing measures in place and have increased the amount of cleaning to reduce the risk of contracting Covid-19
The Rehab Gym and Game Ready room are open but under strict operating procedures and Compex equipment can be used as part of treatment.

(To reduce the risk of cross-contamination, patients will be asked to purchase their own Compex pads (cost £5).)

Patients will receive an email explaining the above process and tasks in place to limit the risks of Covid-19 infection.

Please do not attend the clinic if you answer yes to any of the below questions:

Your Whereabouts

  1. Do you or any member of your household have a confirmed diagnosis of COVID-19?
  2. Have you travelled internationally in the last 10 days?

    (countries listed as safe for travel by the government; https://www.gov.uk/guidance/red-amber-and-green-list-rules-for-entering-englands)

  3. Have you had contact with someone with a confirmed diagnosis of COVID-19, or been in isolation with a suspected case in the last 10 days?

Do you have any of the following symptoms: 


  • high temperature or fever
  • new, continuous cough
  • a loss or alteration to taste or smell

The answers should be no to all these questions, the only exception is where they have travelled outside the UK because some countries are now classed as safe.