Learn Analysis with Lightning

Join in with our virtual 'Learn with Lightning' Sessions during the lockdown period and learn a new skill

Over the next four weeks, I’ll be providing you with an introduction to performance analysis. Aimed at coaches, players, parents and fans alike, learn the what and how of performance analysis with us as we work through four sessions. Each week, we’ll focus on a different topic, all designed to allow you to hone your analysis skills, then after the 4th week, we provide you with full match footage of a Lightning game to have a go at!

Dr Andrew Butterworth Head of Lightning Performance Analysis

Simply expand the bars below to find a break down of the focus for each week, followed by a video tutorial for you to follow along and have a go at home.

Week 1

In week one, we’ll look at:

  • What performance analysis is
  • Why it is useful
  • How it is used at both elite and recreational level
  • Discuss some of the ways in which analysis fits in with coaches and coaching structures.

Week 2

In week two we'll:

  • Show you how to decide what to analyse
  • Provide you examples of what we analyse for our Lightning teams
  • We’ll then share some hints and tips to make sure what you do is accurate! 

Week 2: Learn Performance Analysis with Lightning

Week 3

Week three will:

  • Teach you how to undertake the analysis in practice
  • Showcase some software that you can download to use yourself
  • Show you how to report the results of your analysis
  • Consider the best ways to feed it back to coaches and players

Week 3: Learn Performance Analysis with Lightning

Week 4

Finally, in week 4, we’ll share:

  • An overview of what the full performance analysis set up looks like on a Lightning match day
  • We’ll give you behind the scenes access to our technology, processes and outputs from an NSL or NPL game and try to gain the edge over our opponents.

Week 4: Learn Performance Analysis with Lightning

At the end of week 4...

At the end of week 4, we will release a full match video from a Lightning match. Your job will be to use the skills we have taught you to produce a post-match summary to send back to us. We’ll judge the best ones, and the winners will get some Lightning goodies!


Download the Full Match here

Andrew Butterworth

Head of Lightning Netball Performance Analysis

Email your finished videos to Andrew to be in with a chance of winning a Lightning goodie bag!


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